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Campaign Hashtag :

Objective : To promote HSBC’s photography contest through Influencer Marketing.

Solution: HSBC came up with their photography contest for which they wanted 2 Macro influencers to judge it. The deliverables of these influencers included 1 reel, 2 stories and 1 static post. One of the influencers did a live session as well to announce the winners. The contest was a huge success with 12 lucky winners who won upto gift vouchers worth 5000

Impressions : 500K+ | Likes : 150k+ | Comments : 20k+ | Views : 1.2M+ | Reach : 1.5M+

Deliverables : Reel, Static Post, Stories & Live Session

Category of Influencers : Photographers

No. Of Influencers : 2