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Zink London

Objective : To create awareness about Zink London’s news collection called ‘ZINK Z’ through Influencer Marketing.

Solution: Zink London launched their new collection called ZINK Z which caters to the genZ crowd. Keeping the target audience in mind, we are working with Nano and Micro influencers from the age of 18-25 whose audience is leaning more towards the genZ era. The outfits are bright and colourful and so we targeted influencers with extremely aesthetic instagram pages that would pull off those colours well.

Impressions: 400K+| Likes : 100K+ | Comments : 30K+| Views : 1M+ | Reach: 2M+

DeliverablesReel + Story

Category of influencers :Fashion/Lifestyle

No. Of Influencers : 40+