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DIY Indian YouTubers

Top 7 DIY Indian YouTubers That You Can Learn From

YouTube has been a boon to the life of millions of YouTubers and their watchers. It has opened new possibilities to learn, earn, and run a trade of any kind. There are zero existable things in this world that you cannot find on YouTube. 

Then arrives one of the most sought after genres for the YouTube audience, DIY videos. There is a lot of frenzy among the youthful audience to constantly experiment with something unique with the commodities already present in our homes. 

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Hence today we are taking off to give an introduction to you to the kings and queens of this land. You can also read 5 proven ways to grow your business with Performance-based Influencer Marketing.

The connoisseurs of DIYs are broadcasting a lot of videos for their audience and have been getting much appreciation too. 

So why not join their troop? Let’s explore these top 7 DIY Indian YouTubers

  1. Mad Stuff with Rob

Harun Robert has been the ideal art and craft master for many kids in their 20s. Children used to meet him regularly through his popular TV show M.A.D aired on the Pogo channel. As he has been very popular on Television shows, Instagram and YouTube are not difficult codes to crack. 

He runs a page called Mad Stuff with Rob and ‘artguyrob’ for his cute fans. He wants kids to create imaginative careers with their own hands. DIYs build your creative mind as he believes.  

  1. Artkala 

Artkala with 41.1 lakh subscribers and 1.5k videos posted to date on youtube has been entertaining the audience with DIYs on recipes, craft, lifestyle, nail art, and many tutorials that pop up in their minds. 

Every video or short is easy to create and relevant for beginners too. 

Artkala can help you cherish delicious dishes in just 5 minutes of cooking or clean the most resistant dirt of the bathroom and shelves, or hacks to grow long beautiful hair with just homemade oils. 

  1. DIY Queen

DIY Queen justifies her channel name with interesting videos and parodies to entertain audiences of all ages. She assures everyone that you can make anything with just the things in your home without burning your pocket money. 

DIY Queen is backed up by a dedicated team that supports her in making entertaining videos on subjects other than DIYs. Such as 24-hour challenges to living like a celebrity, living in weird places for 24 hours, recreating looks of famous characters on series, viral challenges, and cooking large sandwiches, and bulk cakes in just one day. There is a long list and we hope you will enjoy it too. 

  1. CraftLas Aarti Gupta

CraftLas is an amazing channel for women who fall short of creative ideas to decorate their houses during festivals. She has interesting project solutions for school-going kids who want to flaunt their beautiful handmade projects. Everything is at home and at a very affordable price. You can even order your favorite products from her catalogs through her contacts provided on her channel. So hop in ladies!!!

  1. Creative Hours

Creative Hours is a fun DIY channel run by Debarati and Amlan to propagate creative and cute-looking DIY Gift ideas for everyone. Ranging from awesome iPhone hacks, keychain ideas, Navratri crafts, eye-catching jewelry boxes, and many more subjects to explore on this page. The thoughts are new, refreshing, and well-suited for beginners. 

  1. Riya’s Amazing World

A rapidly growing channel with fans around the world is proof her channel is one of the best to be mentioned in this field of DIYs. She creates mini vlogs and shows her world of art and craft, card and gift ideas, food theme vlogs, DIY journals, and many such super creative ideas. 

You will never fall short of ingenious concepts in this amazing channel. She is active on Instagram and Facebook too. You can connect with her through the daily questions and answers section of the community tab on YouTube. 

  1. Crafter Aditi

Crafter Aditi has 73.1 lakh subscribers to date on youtube and is famous for her cute voice, smile, ideas, and reels. The DIY videos are formulated as a challenge to make a lookalike of something very expensive just at home with your hands. She is very interactive with her viewers and never misses a chance to entertain them with her day-to-day travels and trips in the form of Vlogs. 

Great news for the girl gangs out there, she even creates shopping haul videos to let you inspire with her choices. 


We hope this has been a fun ride for our readers.  So get started with your paint box and DIY!!! 

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