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    We are commited to help brands and agencies at their Influencer Marketing game regardless of their size and location.

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    Manish Malhotra

    HSBC India

    Mira Rajput Kapoor

    HSBC India

    Sonali Bendre

    HSBC India

    Manish Paul

    Vivo India

    Neha Puri


    Prafull Billore

    HSBC India

    Raj Vikramaditya


    Nansi Mishra


    Nidhi Mohan Kamal


    Mayank Gandhi


    Niharika Vashisht


    Shivangi Goel

    Revital NXT

    Ishna Batra

    Miko Robot

    Nayana Km


    Nimarta Bindra

    Dr Reddy's

    Neha Gupta




    Puja Banerjee


    Anchor Ravi

    Cartoon Network

    Sanjana Sarathy

    Max Fashion

    Neha Nagar


    Shashank Udupa




    Ankur Warikoo


    Varshinne Varma


    Nitibha Kaul



    Turakhia Optics

    Ishani Mitra


    Sakshi Sindwani

    Max Fashion

    Shiwangi Singh

    Zink London

    Jaanvi Sadana

    Urban Company

    Pooja Mundra

    Max Fashion

    Harsh Beniwal


    Dharna Durga

    Alt Smartwatch

    Saloni Gaur


    Ankush Bahuguna

    Max Fashion

    Soumali Adhikary


    Captain Nick


    Anisha Dixit


    Arnab Nayak


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    Working with Vavo Digital has been a delight so far. I must praise their team’s hard working personnel and never giving up attitude. Furthermore, they remove the unnecessary intermediaries, making communication simple and quick.

    Priyank Ahuja
    LinkedIn Influencers

    It has been a pleasure working with Vavo Digital thus far. I must commend their devoted staff. Everything is meticulously taken care of. Everything was completed on schedule, from briefings to the payment procedure.

    Deepali Soam
    Parenting Influencer | YouTube

    Vavo Digital, the finest influencer management agency which serves PAN India brands. They constantly keep influencers informed about projects that not only build our portfolio but also resonate with our audience.

    Anisha Dixit
    Comedy Influencer | Instagram

    Collaborating with Vavo Digital was an excellent experience in every way. They make the process simple and comfortable. Additionally, I'm continually informed about promotions that are available and appropriate for my profile.

    Vidhi Shah
    Lifestyle and Fashion Blogger

    It's so much easier and smoother to work with Vavo Digital. I must appreciate their hard work and team management. Every single thing is taken care of minutely. From briefs to the payment process, everything was done on time

    Manmeet Kaur
    Indian Blogger

    Honestly, working with Vavo Digital was warm and appreciable! The explanation of the brief was clear, the execution of the campaign was smooth and timely payments were done. It's always a pleasure to work with them.

    Simran Anand
    Fashion Blogger

    Vavo Digital is a great platform to work with brands. They always keep their influencers updated with campaigns which are suitable for them. They also help in finding new brands to work with which is appreciable.

    Bhavika Anand
    Beauty and lifestyle Influencer

    A fantastic agency to work with in influence marketing. Thanks to their solid relationships with influencers, any campaign they run for a brand is a success. The cherry on top is their capacity to fulfil their targets on time.

    Ritika Dhoot
    Lead-Client Partner

    Vavo Digital is a praise-worthy agency since they devise plans after careful decisions to make sure that the work done is satisfactory to both the consumers and the clients. We always look forward to working with them.

    Marketing and Communications

    We've been able to fill the gaps between our organic and paid initiatives, which has allowed us to allocate our budget and resources.Thanks to Mahek Bassan, their brand strategist, we have forged a fantastic connection with them.

    Rupesh Rawat
    Head of marketing and e-commerce

    The spirit of the team to meet deadlines was appreciable. Their sharp insights and recognition of our target market opened our eyes, which improved the campaign's effectiveness. Also, it provided good value for the money.

    Shivani Sandu
    Marketing Head

    We have always placed a strong emphasis on digital marketing and advertising, but thanks to Vavo Digital, we can outsource our needs to nano and micro-influencers who handle everything from campaign design to implementation.

    Nidhi Bakhru
    Digital Team Lead | FoxyMoron

    The team did a wonderful job explaining to an international client the details of Indian meme marketing. We got the quality of work as expected and any given feedback was taken constructively to improve.

    Suruchi Khandelwal
    Marketing Manager

    The Influencers that Vavo Digital had shortlisted were after a thorough understanding of our objective, they were credible, had good engagement percentages, and targeted our clientele directly. We were satisfied with the results.

    Radhika Sabharwal
    Marketing Manager

    Since the beginning of our business, influencer marketing has been our primary method of promoting our business and Vavo Digital has assisted us in connecting with the right audience in six major cities.

    Arjun Ahuja

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