An influencer marketing platform that connects brands with 20+ categories of social media influencers across 3 social networking platforms in India.

Vavo's Affiliate Marketing Program

You run the business;
Let our affiliates get you the customers

Promote your brand and products through our affiliate networks that strongly influence their audience and turn them into your customers.

Why Affiliate Marketing?

Imagine your friends, family, or someone whom you trust and know recommending something to you. You are more likely to buy things that come with credible recommendations.

Affiliates are people trusted by a large audience, and when they recommend or market something, it creates a whole new impact on your potential customer's minds. Our campaign-ready Affiliates in more than 20 niches enable you to activate effective affiliate campaigns on the go!

Vavo Affiliates

Why go ahead with Vavo Affiliate Marketers?

We develop a well-defined affiliate marketing strategy that caters to your unique needs and increases your exposure & impact on a new audience.

Our team carries the technical expertise needed in affiliate marketing and knows the right process, helping our clients determine their goals and measure success with maximum efficiency.

Finding the right affiliates can be quite challenging. Leave this job to us because our experience & 12 pointer qualification strategy ensures you get the perfect affiliates in any niche.

We will create cost-effective and operationally optimized campaigns for you, enhancing the overall success of your affiliate marketing campaign while you only pay for wonderful results!


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