An influencer marketing platform that connects brands with 20+ categories of social media influencers across 3 social networking platforms in India.

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Founder's Letter

Dear Reader,

Vavo Digital was born out of tough experiences, out of pain encountered during many of the influencer marketing campaigns during my entrepreneurial journey. We realised that there are problems on both sides of the Influencer marketing world. Brands find it difficult to identify and engage with the right influencers for maximum impact. On the other hand, influencers struggle with unviable briefs, inconsistent gigs etc.

We’ve systemised our learnings and turned them into a service that reimagines the way you approached influencer marketing while boosting the impact of your campaigns at the same time.


Neha Puri

CEO & Founder

Radhika Agrawal


Jr. Graphic Designer
Akshay Jadhav

A budding editor at Vavo Digital who presents our plans with a beautiful filter.

Sr. Graphic Designer
Anil Kamble

He prints our ideas into the brand's mind aesthetically with his visually creative approach.

LinkedIn Marketing Associate
Aishwarya Gairola

She has a PhD in Pretty huge Drama, but she is also very hardworking.

Sr. Brand Alliance Manager
Aaliya Solanki

The goofiest person in the room. It won't be a boring plan with her; the plan we are talking about is a marketing plan.

Sr. Brand Strategist
Abdul Shaikh

When he was born the devil said oh shit, “An OG “. OG in real life, OG in onboarding clients. OG means on the ground for everything.

Bhairavi Karade

“The one who religiously listens to our creative excuses for leaves & politely rejects it all”.

Jr. Influencer Marketing Associate
Gruthi Patel

If we were to describe her in one word, it would be ``can't,`` because she's so full of life.

Jr. Scriptwriter
Harshvardhan Kathuria

Neither less, nor more. He is a mix of everything. His blood type is movies, will randomly break into random Japanese words, and speaks fluently in movie quotes and sarcasm.

Sr. Content Strategist & Brand Building
Kiran Gurung

While Bollywood thinks she is ``Tu hai meri Kiran,`` our Kiran simply proves them wrong by being committed just to her work.

Sr. Brand Alliance Manager
Kishaya Gidwani

She has hopped, skipped and jumped from one side of the team to another. A wonderful journey indeed.

Client servicing executive
Moiz Shaikh

He is a 'silent' killer of our client briefs. Oh wait, we mean he decodes the brief well with his brilliance and gives a killer performance.

Influencer Marketing Intern
Mayur Sachdev

He is the rider provider of Vavo who helps us format our sheets at the last moment!

Business Development Manager
Mahek Bassan

Go break a leg Mahek! What we wish her before every successful brand meeting. And something she takes it quite literally!

Client Servicing Manager
Mansha Shaikh

She is a dabbang lady of our house with a fantastic talent for multitasking

Business Development Manager
Namrata Manchanda

She works in her own proactive bubble of creative ideas.

Digital Marketing Executive
Prashant Gosavi

The P in his name stands for Punctual for leaving the office, but P also stands for him being precise.

Assistant Content Strategist
Pratik More

CEO of being everybody’s favourite person in the office.

Jr. Scriptwriter
Pallavi Gurbani

In everyday life, she pushes the door when it says pull, but she pushes the correct door and pushes harder each time she works on something.

Sr. associate client servicing
Rutika Gangwani

She is someone who cannot bargain with a vegetable vendor but can surely negotitate for our barter campaigns!

Jr. Brand Alliance Manager
Ruchita Rajput

Our fablady who looks after all our fashion brands and tackles them successfully.

Jr. Brand Alliance Executive
Riddhi Patel

She sets up our mood and strategies on shuffle just like her music.

Brand Strategist
Siddhant Sharma

Our bengali guy with a lot of energy to crack the deal

Jr. Brand Alliance Manager
Shreyansh Jain

He is the one that puts life to all our boring content and makes it lively!

Website Developer
Shubham Kangutkar

If you are reading this, it is designed by him.

Business Development Executive
Sakshi Jain

OCD-ish ( Overly Cutie Disorder) Cute at work, and in the everyday world designing strategies.

Jr. Brand Strategist
Sonam Rampal

The sunshine of the room. She adds shimmer to her every strategy.

Jr. Influencer Marketing Associate
Sakina sariya

She is the fashion diva of vavo.

Jr. Graphic Designer
Srushti Gandhi

She is a social vegan, she avoids meet but she will meet all your expectations with her passion in work.

Business Development Manager
Saurabh Himthani

An ordinary guy with an extraordinary Intent & hunger to do some impactful work in the creator economy

Content Strategist and Social Media Manager
Sahajpreet Kaur

Her expertise lies in creating approachable content that truly resonates with the target audience.

Client Servicing Manager
Umer Madhiya

He's a suave negotiator with a sharp mind and a killer sense of style.

Lead : Business Development
Vikangsha Bhadauria

You know the people we envy because they can do everything with perfection, Vikangsha is the person we are talking about

Video Editor
Vinay Sharma

After Party or After effects he can’t choose between both.

Junior Brand Alliance Manager
Vartika Razathani

Her secret power is connecting with clients and bringing their visions to life.

Jr. Influencer Marketing Associate
Yash Bhanushali

He is a full package of entertainment and snacks! Someone who uplifts our mood and hunger on our bad days.

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