An influencer marketing platform that connects brands with 20+ categories of social media influencers across 3 social networking platforms in India.

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Founder's Letter

Dear Reader,

Vavo Digital was born out of tough experiences, out of pain encountered during many of the influencer marketing campaigns during my entrepreneurial journey. We realised that there are problems on both sides of the Influencer marketing world. Brands find it difficult to identify and engage with the right influencers for maximum impact. On the other hand, influencers struggle with unviable briefs, inconsistent gigs etc.

We’ve systemised our learnings and turned them into a service that reimagines the way you approached influencer marketing while boosting the impact of your campaigns at the same time.


Neha Puri

CEO & Founder

Radhika Agrawal


Sr. Graphic Visualizer
Anil Kamble

He can transform your brand's vision into a piece of art. He can bring your thoughts to life with a wave of his magic wand (also known as his computer mouse) in ways that will leave you awestruck.

Yugal Yadav

He doesn't just troubleshoot; he tickles technology, making every IT issue a humorous anecdote and every system upgrade a comic delight at Vavo Digital!``

Assistant Manager - Brand Strategist
Mohanbeer Singh

The sultan of sips and strategies at Vavo Digital, turns every brand campaign into a refreshing experience—where creativity flows, and success is served on the rocks!

Sr. Content Strategist & Brand Building
Kiran Gurung

While Bollywood thinks she is ``Tu hai meri Kiran,`` our Kiran simply proves them wrong by being committed just to her work.

Brand Manager
Siddhant Sharma

Our bengali guy with a lot of energy to crack the deal

Brand Partnerships Manager
Saurabh Himthani

An ordinary guy with an extraordinary Intent & hunger to do some impactful work in the creator economy

Sr. Content Strategist
Shivam Mittal

Vavo's wordsmith prodigy, crafting content that's so engaging, even the 'Skip Ad' button takes a coffee break before daring to interrupt!

Human Resource - Assistant Manager
Pooja Tripathi

Our HR wizard, makes Vavo Digital feel like one big, happy family—where the only drama is in the conference room, and the real stars are the employees she casts in the daily sitcom of office life!

Sr. Graphic Designer
Akshay Jadhav

A editor at Vavo Digital who presents our plans with a beautiful filter.

Digital Marketing Executive
Prashant Gosavi

The P in his name stands for Punctual for leaving the office, but P also stands for him being precise.

Sr Influencer Marketing Associate
Mayur Sachdev

Vibes on the songs first, just to vibe with influencer and brand calls later.

Accounts Executive
Megha Ganesh Guralu

She balances the books with a smile where every penny has a story, and the only audits are of her hilarious financial puns.

Python Developer
Jashandeep Kaur

Meet Jashandeep Kaur, our Python Developer who codes with passion and conquers peaks outside the office—whether trekking, travelling, or swimming!

Video Editor
Vinay Sharma

After Party or After effects he can’t choose between both.

Backend Developer
Akash Jaiswar

Vavo's Backend Maestro, where he doesn't just write code; he crafts meme masterpieces too! An unsung hero of zeros and ones!

Jr. Influencer Marketing Associate
Gruthi Patel

If we were to describe her in one word, it would be ``can't,`` because she's so full of life.

Junior LinkedIn Marketing Executive
Makshi Ashok Thakkar

She turns client outreach into an engaging dialogue making every conversation a plot twist, every client a phenomenal character and the climax gives out best results!

Senior Manager Influencer Marketing
Rashika Maithani

She transforms brand partnerships into blockbuster hits—where every influencer is a leading star, and every campaign is a chart-topping success.

Data Management Executive
Sunny Sharma

He turns every client inquiry into gold, where 'How can I help you?' is the potion, and 'Thank you' is the magical abracadabra!

Jr. Influencer Marketing Associate
Shruti Ashishkumar Awad

She doesn't just follow trends; she sets them! Makes influencers the trendsetters of the digital catwalk and some people call her 'Wizard of Oz'

Manager Business Development
Vidit Bajaj

He turns cold calls into warm conversations where every pitch is a witty routine, and every 'no' is just a delayed 'hilarious' maybe!

Business Growth Strategist
Khanjan Bhatt

Meet Khanjan Bhatt, our growth guru! With a decade in marketing, he's all about mixing creativity and strategy to wow audiences. When he's not brainstorming, he's off exploring the world, seeking out new adventures and finding inspiration in every corner.

Graphic Designer Executive
Rohit Jitendra Shinde

He turns 'Ctrl+C' into 'Ctrl+Comedy ', uses 'Comic Sans' as font choice and is a food enthusiast who paints brilliance using Photoshop.

Manager-Strategy & Growth
Anirban Bose

Our Strategy & Growth Sage, doesn't just forecast; he predicts the future with a touch of wit—where every plan is a witty prophecy, and often plucks guitar strings to flex his voice!

Content Manager
Shreem Sharma

She is our Content Connoisseur, creating a gallery of captivating stories and turning mundane words into a visual feast!

Junior Content Strategist
Tarushi Malik

Introducing Tarushi Malik, our social media maven! Crafting unforgettable digital experiences by day, and by night, she's either dancing, making reels, or enjoying some downtime.

Head Operation and Delivery
Deepika Venkateswaran

Deepika's a pro at everything from building partnerships to leading the team. Outside the office, she's an avid reader who loves exploring new destinations (especially beachy ones!), and fueling her adventures with pizza.

Lead- Influencer Marketing & Client Servicing
Ritika Anand

She turns influencer campaigns into success where every sponsored post is a punchline, and every client interaction is a sold-out show!

HR Manager
Mohini Mathur

She juggles ambition, passion, and a thirst for learning - our HR Manager is the dynamic force keeping our team in sync.

Video Editor
Shoaib Akhtar

Shoaib is our creative catalyst, creating visually appealing images with a dynamic flair. Beyond the edit bay, he's an avid traveller and a cricket fan.

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