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    All of us like watching movies and OTT series. In India, hundreds of movies in different languages are released annually. People have been intrigued by movies and movie stars since the very beginning of the entertainment business. They imitate and replicate them, whether deliberately or unintentionally. Following the trends in movies, clothing and accessories come and go. This is the entertainment industry's charisma. It's not about producing, distributing, and then cashing in on films. It aims to spread an enduring impression of the movies among the general public. The ambiance of the film industry has been greatly shaped and preserved by digital platforms.

    People watch newly released movies/OTTs and remark on everything. There has occasionally been one-way communication. People may stay content by watching T.V. interviews, reading reviews in print publications, and keeping up with T.V. and radio promotions in serials and ads. Up until now, print media has had a huge impact. They have done all possible to let audiences relate to the films, actors, and associated events. But now, circumstances have shifted. Our lives now clearly include Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube, smartphone applications, and gaming. Movie marketing companies use social media and digital marketing channels these days.

    We are by your side for your online movie marketing as the popularity of movie trailers on the Internet and mobile devices continues to rise. We have a highly skilled and driven staff of online movie marketing and content experts that are always coming up with innovative strategies to conduct online movie campaigns effectively. We take pleasure in providing exceptional customer service and innovation specifically catered to each client's needs, goals, and budget.

    Why is marketing important for movies and OTT projects?

    We have a highly skilled and driven staff of online movie marketing and content experts that are always coming up with innovative strategies to conduct online movie campaigns effectively. We take pleasure in providing exceptional customer service and innovation specifically catered to each client's needs, goals, and budget.

    1. To reach a wider movie-loving audience

    The popularity of social media has increased the value of engaging with a broader audience. As a result, the teaser generates buzz around the movie/OTT project that keeps the audience intrigued as they like or dislike it, comment on it, or share it.

    2. To create a pre-buzz regarding the movie/OTT project

    Creating a buzz around the movie/OTT project with audience-relevant content is a great method to get people to pay attention. The more people that get into the hype around the movie, the better the performance will be.

    3. To build a positive sentiment regarding the movie/OTT project

    When the movie has been released and is the subject of extensive scrutiny. It is even more crucial to ensure the buzz surrounding moviegoing stays good.

    Different marketing strategies used to promote a movie/ OTT Project

    1. Social media marketing-

    With the rise in popularity of hashtags, social media marketing has ramped up its marketing game. Using particular algorithms and strategies, an independent movie or an OTT project may be promoted to the precise target audience

    2. Viral marketing -

    You may create a variety of strategies and content that has a high chance of becoming viral if you are free to use the internet media. Contests, surprise gifts, various transmedia games, etc., are all little examples of ideas you might benefit from.

    3. Movie websites or blogs -

    You may pay movie websites to discuss or review your movie. Their audience will learn about your movie as a consequence through powerful means. Your movie will therefore draw in the right audience.

    4. Influencer Marketing -

    Movie marketing has adopted online influencer marketing, which has helped increase publicity effectively. High-follower influencers might be paid to promote your movie/OTT project unconventionally. This appeals to their audience, increasing interest in your film.

    5. Press Junkets -

    Press junkets are one of the most effective publicity strategies used in the movie industry. These occasions include bringing as many important journalists and reviewers to a place where the press may interview all of the major actors and directors from the movie/OTT project over a few days.

    How to use Influencers for marketing your movie/OTT project effectively?

    Here are a few ways that you can use influencers to promote your latest movie/OTT project:

    1. Gift baskets -

    Create excitement for the release of your movie with the ideal movie gift basket. Include some details about your movie/OTT project, some memorabilia, and some delicious food. Specifically, request influencers to use a hashtag so that it acquires traction online.

    2. Premiere invite -

    Increase the marketing pace by bringing in a few influencers. Allow your influencers to meet the actors, put them in a posh hotel, and make them walk the red carpet. To engage and enthuse their audience about the movie or series, the influencer might post their complete experience on their pages.

    3. Run an online competition -

    Everyone enjoys a good contest, and it's an excellent way to advertise your studio's latest movie/OTT project. Allow your audience to win a VIP encounter with your influencer, and watch word of mouth grow online.

    4. Harp on user-generated content -

    The more your audience can participate, the better. Find strategies to engage internet users to produce content with your influencer so that people will talk about your movie or OTT project.

    Why using influencers to promote your movie/OTT project will give you better results than traditional marketing methods?

    1. Reaches a wide range of audiences in less time -

    Influencers have a large audience and a huge viewership; hence working with influencers will unlock the possibility of reaching new audiences and also help bring fresh talent to the industry

    2. Influencer marketing is cheaper and more effective -

    Influencers in the film industry typically have a strong sense of authenticity and are true enthusiasts. Additionally, influencer marketing is a far more efficient technique to directly contact a huge target audience than traditional advertising and is cost-effective.

    3. Influencers' credibility to influence the audience -

    Compared to reviews in traditional media, like T.V. or radio, when someone hears about a movie or OTT project through influencers, it feels more authentic and spontaneous.

    Different platforms to promote your movie/OTT project

    The finest channel, social media, aid in quickly raising awareness for any movie/OTT project.

    1. Instagram -

    A widely used platform to promote any upcoming movie/OTT project. With a wide user base across nations, Instagram increases the number of followers interested in your film

    2. YouTube -

    The most recent trend in online movie marketing is to work with YouTube channels for the speedy promotion of movies. In these interviews, celebrities can discuss the movie and their experiences working on it.

    3. Facebook -

    Making pages for movies and OTT projects, successfully interacting with viewers, engaging them in the film's content, and promoting the film online. A first teaser, trailer, or BTS (behind-the-scenes) footage might all be included in the content.

    4. Twitter -

    Twitter has a significant deal of potential to promote and market movies and OTT projects, with a yearly growth of 1,382%. Broadcasters and brands may advertise Tweets before, during, and after a telecast to viewers of a particular OTT project or movie using movie and OTT show targeting.

    Benefits of Movie Marketing

    1. Captive and engaged audience
    2. Reach your target audience
    3. Boosts your brand image
    4. Integrated campaign performance

    Why use Vavo Digital to promote your Movie/OTT Project?

    1. Promotional tie-in opportunities
    2. Cost-effective campaigns
    3. Highly skilled professionals
    4. 24/7 assistance

    FAQs about Movie/ OTT Marketing

    Q.1 When should I start working on my movie marketing campaign?

    To build anticipation for a movie, marketers will often start marketing a movie six to eight months before it is set to be released. Most promotions are launched two to three months before a film's debut.

    Q.2 Does this service work for independent films/ short films, or is it only suitable for big-budgeted films?

    Yes, we provide marketing services for your movie/cinema/feature films/music videos and regional movies.

    Q.3 How long does it take to develop a film promotion plan?

    Promoting is key to a film's success. Hence, it takes time to develop an intensely advertised promotional plan looking at all aspects of online and offline promotions. It can take 15-20 days to develop an effective promotional plan.

    Q.4 How to track the results of a movie marketing campaign?

    1. Identify the key metrics based on your movie marketing goals.
    2. Monitor social media channels' performance-likes, shares, views, and engagement can be the KPIs
    3. In online competition results user's participation must be considered
    4. Audiences' feedback about your movie/OTT project should be considered an important factor in judging the effectiveness of movie marketing campaigns.

    Q.5 What is a movie marketing plan?

    The movie marketing plan template considers the movie, audience, and financial resources available to create a feasible distribution strategy. Movie marketing aims to obtain as much exposure to a particular audience as possible to sell your movie.

    Q.6 Does a movie/OTT project needs marketing to succeed?

    An essential aspect of a movie's production is its marketing. Without advertisements, no one would be aware that a movie even exists. A movie must be promoted as aggressively as any other product while it is still in production if you want people to view it.