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Objective : To increase brand awareness for the brand and highlight that how important it is for everyone to have financial knowledge these days that helps them manage their finances.

Solution: Influencers were asked to share their story on how they started using the FitCredit app and how it changed their life and improved their credit health. They were also highlighting the points on how they are being able to understand their lifestyle and their finances by staying up to date with the help of this app.

Impressions : 2L+ | Likes : 15568 | Comments : 1563+ | Views : 1.5L+ | Reach : 1.65L+ | Deliverables : Static Post + Story | Category of influencers : Fashion, Lifestyle & Finance – Micro & Nano | No. Of Influencers : 30

Category Of Influencers: Fashion, Lifestyle & Finance – Micro & Nano