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Cartoon Network

Campaign Hashtag :

Objective :
To create awareness about the new challenge called #RedrawYourWorld and also to promote their new AR Filter.

We generated a list of 130 influencers and divided them into 2 groups. In this 130 influencers, there were 125 Micro and 5 Macro/Celeb. The deliverables were 1 reel and 2 stories. The influencers that we chose consisted of parents as well as dancers to cater to the fact that cartoon network is a children’s tv channel. The hookstep for the #RedrawYourSteps were followed in the reels and the AR filter was promoted through stories.

Impressions : 8M+| Likes : 200K+ | Comments : 6K+ | Views : 8M+ | Reach : 7M+

Deliverables :
Reel & Video Story

Category of influencers : LIFESTYLE/BEAUTY

No. Of Influencers : 125