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What is The
Vavo Red Carpet?

If you have a product or service to sell in India, you've probably realized that it's very important to establish a strong online presence with the help of influencers. However, influencer marketing is not just about sending your products to the influencers or asking them to talk about your services & products in exchange for product/monetary compensation.

Real influencer marketing is much more than what you must have experienced so far. To help businesses & startups experience the best possible results out of their Influencer marketing campaigns, Vavo has introduced “The Red Carpet” to make Influencer Marketing more accessible to the new and upcoming brands.

This way the brands can get access to all our enterprise services, such as ideation and strategy, content creation, influencer search, and much more at 0% commission.

Why walk The Red Carpet?

Don’t take our word for it. Try it yourself. Increase your brand’s digital footprint across social media platforms and ensure the best return on investment for your customized influencer marketing campaign at zero agency fee.

Our thoughtfully created marketing strategy ensures that our ideas narrate a story that is built upon your vision and build you a platform where you shine in the limelight. All our campaigns are unique, contextual, goal-focused & heart-winning!

We at vavo, efficiently plan, organize, and execute influencer marketing activities from start to finish. All without missing a step, while all you need to do is just tell us what you expect from the campaign. So no more manual searching for influencers, heckling for the prices & never-ending negotiations.

Guided by the experts, our influencer campaigns are all about creating the perfect recipe that entertains, excites, and motivates your potential customers. We cohesively blend our campaigns with other marketing activities carried out by your brand & work closely towards achieving the key goals.

Red Carpet Toolkit


List of high quality influencers handpicked by us

An all-in-one toolkit you need to get started

Influencers from multiple niches

Complete data with key metrics


    What do you get when you sign up for
    the Vavo Red Carpet?

    Strategy call with our experts to understand your requirement & lay a foundation for your campaign.

    We scavenge through social media for the best ideas & Insights that can give your campaigns a much-needed upthrust.

    We then create a story for the influencers to tell , a story that helps the audience understand what you wish to communicate.

    We handpick the right ones out of the best. No compromise whatsoever!

    We help your products/service packages reach the influencers & help them create compelling content.

    We create reports that cover key data points and insights - this report shall help you understand the campaign performance & decide way ahead.


    Hear it from the brands and creators themselves!

    We always focused on digital marketing and advertising, but with Vavo Digital we are able to outsource our requirements for nano and micro-influencers who took care from ideation to final execution of the campaign.

    Nidhi Bakhru
    Digital Team Lead | FoxyMoron

    Explaining an international client the detailing of Indian meme marketing was done wonderfully by the team, we got quality of work as expected and any feedback was taking constructively to improve.

    Suruchi Khandelwal
    Marketing Team | Gain On

    The Influencers that VavoDigital had shortlisted were after thorough understanding our objective, they were credible, good engagement percentage, and targeting our cliental directly. Having done an SEO-driven blog campaign as well, We were satisfied with the end results.

    Radhika Sabharwal
    Marketing Manager | VLCC

    Influencer marketing is the prime form of advertising that we used since the inception of our company and VavoDigital helped us reach a relevant audience in 6 major cities. Their keen understanding and identification of our target audience was an eye-opener and made the campaign most effective. It was also a reasonable value for money.

    Arjun Ahuja
    Co-Founder | COCOCART

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