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Brand Ambassador VS Brand Influencer: A Helpful Guide

You might have heard the term “brand ambassador” and assumed it was just another word for an influencer if you’re new to the influencer marketing landscape. Be calm—we’ve all been there.

Although influencers and brand ambassadors share many characteristics, they also differ significantly in a few important ways.

Influencers and brand ambassadors are fun, productive word-of-mouth marketing partners for both start-ups and established businesses. It’s critical to identify the ideal voice and target audience for your brand in order for it to flourish. What kind of partner will thus promote your brand the most?

Considering the benefits and drawbacks of both partnerships can be crucial in attracting the desired attention to your brand or cause. Check here if an influencer or brand ambassador (or both!) can help your company present itself in the best possible light.

What is a Brand Ambassador?

An individual who volunteers to represent your business and market your goods or services to their social media following is known as a brand ambassador. The most important brand advocates already adore your brand, your merchandise, and your whole atmosphere. and they usually have a good amount of influence and connections. Consider bloggers, celebrities, or social media influencers. They are excellent brand ambassadors.

Ambassadors are also masters at using word-of-mouth marketing to promote your goods to others. They don’t necessarily have a massive following on social media, nor do they always qualify as celebrities. However, they are typically experts in both the industry that your business caters to and their own.

Working with brand ambassadors offers companies several advantages, one of which is that these individuals will already have a solid rapport with their target demographic. This implies that when producers endorse your goods and services, there’s a greater chance that their audience will pay attention and act. Furthermore, as brand ambassadors are frequently thought leaders or experts in their fields, your company may gain a lot of credibility and trust by using their endorsements.

Who is an Influencer?

In comparison, an influencer is a person or entity that possesses the ability to impact the decisions, behaviors, or purchases of others due to their status, relationship, authority, or expertise. People on social media look for them because of their knowledge.

Influencers usually work with several businesses and promote items as part of their regular content strategy, in contrast to brand ambassadors who have a long-term connection with a single firm. For instance, a well-known beauty blogger can highlight a novel skincare item in their monthly favorite video, or a travel influencer might bring up a fresh luggage company in their blog article on packing advice.

Influencers may be anyone from a few thousand to a few million followers, and they can be celebrities or regular individuals. It’s crucial to consider audience engagement in addition to following quantity. Compared to bigger influencers, smaller influencers, referred to as nano (100–10,000 followers) or micro influencers (10,000–50,000 followers), engage their audiences more often and in a more customized way. A smaller influencer’s followers are more likely to recognize your material in a genuine, interesting way, which is advantageous for your company.  

Differences between a Brand Ambassador and an Influencer

Influencers and brand ambassadors have a lot in common because they are all trying to build buzz about your company. Your objectives and their strategy will mostly determine the difference.

Brand Ambassador 

  • Longer partnerships: Dealing with a brand ambassador typically requires a more sustained effort. In many agreements, brand ambassadors commit to promoting the company several times in a predetermined amount of time. 
  • Minimal to no pay: Since brand ambassadors are already followers, the enthusiasm for collaborating with your company could be sufficient reimbursement. To aid in the creation of their material, many ambassadors do, however, receive complimentary goods. 
  • Diverse content quality: Since brand ambassadors are not content producers by trade, you cannot be certain that the material they produce will adhere to your company’s style and guidelines.


  • Shorter collaborations: Influencers are more likely to commit to one-time or short-term content projects. They probably can’t dedicate themselves to a single brand for an extended period because it’s their duty to discover fresh information for their niche. 
  • In most cases, payment is necessary: For well-known influencers, social media is a full-time profession, thus they will charge you for your time. The majority charge rupees 1000–10,000 for each post, with pricing varying according to the number of followers.
  • High-quality, expert content: Influencers produce images and videos that are polished, professional, and have a personal touch. You’ll probably be happy to post them on your own social media accounts.


Influencers and brand ambassadors may be hired by your company for many purposes. Influencers are selected based on their direct audience reach, whereas brand ambassadors are already ardent fans of your items.

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