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Fashion Influencers In Bombay

Top 7 Exceptional Fashion Influencers In Bombay In 2023

Bombay is the city of dreams where people try their luck every day. From actors to entrepreneurs, you will find connections here from all walks of life. Bombay is not just about enjoying Vada Pav at a random roadstall, instead, this cosmopolitan city has produced outstanding fashion influencers over the years.

So here we are going to review the top 7 fashion influencers in Bombay to follow in 2023! Things are going to get exciting! Here we go! 

  1. Larissa D’Sa   745K Followers

Larissa has developed a strong stance being a travel and fashion influencer on Instagram. All of it owes to her consistent travel blogging where she uses her digital creativity and fashion skills to make us familiar with exotic and exciting places and visit them with style.  Larissa knows how to dedicate life to traveling and her content has us awestruck as well. So if you are into traveling and would like to update yourself with new places then head over to Larissa’s Instagram and find out more! 

  1. Aashi Adani    232K Followers 

We have Aashi which is a complete package for using platforms like YouTube and Instagram for her content creation magic. Aashi is a fan of beauty influencing and loves to educate her fans about different beauty products. Also, she adds a touch of humor to her content with dad jokes and is known for her content creation skills in the influencer fraternity in Bombay. 

3. Aashna Hegde   1.1M Followers

Ashna has been splendid with her fashion sense. Her content will empower you to make a style statement with all sorts of clothing. From traditional to Western styles, you can follow Ashna’s lead to shake your inner stylist and stun the people around you. Her creations and new clothing inventions are just to die for. The best part? They are all in affordable range and everybody can easily access these styles in the comfort of their home. 

4. Bindya Talluri    113K Followers

Bindya is our entrepreneurial inspiration for embracing fashion and beauty with a new perspective. She has used her fashion acumen in her venture, Bindtbeauty. Bindya is doing great on Instagram and her social media following is rock-solid proof of that. We love her for her efforts to make waves in the fashion industry and define fashion in her own way. 

5. Shreeja Bagwe 204K Followers

For all the styling enthusiasts, Shreeja is a great inspiration. Her Instagram is filled with all the cool styles that she creates while her closet is her best friend for it. You can follow her to get versatile styling ideas and give your fashion a new statement. 

6. Usaamah Siddique 111K Followers

Usaamah has been the muse for many Indian brand campaigns.  He knows how to crack the code of men’s fashion influence. Due to this reason, in no time, he was able to lock in the best collaborations and we can witness it on his social media as well. From modeling to giving compelling ads, Usaamah is a big name in the field of influencing. 

7. Aryan Nalawade 102K Followers 

If you are into thrift and affordable men’s fashion then Aryan is your haven. He loves to use his creativity and bring out the best fashion sense in you. Most of the work is in hisreels and you can find all the details in them to easily follow his instructions for thrift fashion. Aryan has been able to empower her followers to style as they want that not only gives them confidence but also a reason to start their day with a smile. His mission is to make you familiar with clothing styles that can make your days out from drab to fab in seconds!

The Final Shot

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