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Product seeding

How It Works: Product Seeding & Influencer Marketing

With the rise in influencer marketing, the ways of collaborating with influencers are also advancing. Product seeding is an advanced marketing strategy to collaborate with influencers. Various brands find it much more effective to give away free products as compared to using more budget on hiring a full-time influencer. 

Let’s take a look at what product seeding is, its benefits, and tips to create a successful marketing campaign.

What Does Product Seeding Mean in Influencer Marketing?

Product seeding is an effective influencer marketing strategy. It is a process in which brands gift their products to a bunch of influencers. The gifts also come up with a discount code sometimes to share with the influencer’s followers. 

In exchange, Influencers have to share products on their social media platform to increase brand awareness and target a broader audience. 

However, product seeding can be tricky in choosing the right influencer who really enjoys the gift. This way, they can happily talk about your product and share it with their followers.

Benefits Of Product Seeding

Product seeding is an amazing marketing strategy to drive more reach, sales, and brand awareness without paying much to the influencers. There are a number of benefits of product seeding which include:

  1. It is much more cost-effective as compared to hiring an influencer. 
  2. It helps increase brand awareness. 92% of marketers believe that product seeding successfully enhances their brand awareness. 
  3. It can be effective for new businesses that do not have much marketing budget in the start.
  4. Brands can also create a whole use-generated content library with product seeding.

Tips For An Effective Product Seeding Approach

For a successful product seeding, apply these tips throughout your marketing campaign. 

  1. Choose The Right Influencer

Start your campaign by finding the right influencer. Social media is bottled up with so many amazing influencers. However, you need to determine which aligns with your brand’s needs and image.

Create a whole list of potential influencers across different platforms. Then see who can better use your product. Influencers with the same niche as your brand would better showcase your product as compared to other influencers. 

  1. Get To Know Their Interests And Aesthetics

Influencers have a unique style of posting content on their social media platform. On one hand, you are looking for a person who is actually interested in your brand and products. But on the other hand, if it does not match with their aesthetic, it ain’t going to make it on their post. 

Such gifts only end up getting one or two stories. Check the posting style of your influencer. The color they often used in their posts. Understanding their interests and aesthetics would help you to create a better gifting package.

  1. Customized Packaging

Once you’ve found the right influencers and understand their aesthetic pattern, the next step comes packing a gift. You’ve to remember that the gift package must be different and unique from the gift you give to your random customers or in pop-up stores. 

You’re reaching out to influencers aiming for your product to get a place in their feed. Creating a customized package would be a great idea to make influencers feel special and valuable. Customized each package with influencers’ favorite colors, styles, and interests. 

  1. Stay In Touch

Create a strong bond with the influencers. Inform them when the delivery is to be expected. Ask for their feedback. Guide them, on how they can get the best out of the product. Keep track of their postings. 

  1. Do not Put Pressure And Wait

Product seeding does not come in paid influencer marketing. Therefore, you can’t really expect a post, story, or mention in return. 

Once you’ve maintained a healthy relationship with them, ask them in a subtle way about sharing your product review. You can even send them a discount code to share with the audience. 

However, if some influencers still don’t feel like sharing your product, don’t get offended. Because you haven’t paid them to do so.  

But, people who actually like your product will happily share it too. Therefore, wait for them to post on their own.

  1. Promote The Content On Your Platform

If influencers post about your product, engage with them, and share it on your social media platforms and help them to get more reach as they are doing it for you. 

This increases your leads and builds up a strong connection with the influencer. This ensures they will happily work with you in the future too. 

How Does Vavo Digital Help Brand In Product Seeding?

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