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Instagram Carousels

How To Use Instagram Carousels In Your Marketing Strategy

Trying to rock on Instagram? Wondering why your Instagram marketing isn’t working for you even with daily posting? Well, you may not have started using the Instagram carousel to its full extent. Yes, you have read right. 

Instagram carousels are an effective Instagram marketing tool with a 1.92% engagement rate if used on all 10 slides. Various marketers and studies have found that Instagram carousels significantly attract a large audience and increase engagement rates. 

After understanding the benefits Instagram carousels offer you, you can’t refrain from using them for your next posts. However, you need to first understand how you can use Instagram carousels and how it can be an effective Instagram marketing tool for you. 

So without further ado, let’s learn more about Instagram carousels and their marketing tactics.

What Is An Instagram Carousel?

Instagram carousel refers to a posting feature of Instagram that allows users to post up to 10 photos in one post. Viewers can see the different images in one post by sliding or swiping the pictures. 

Instagram carousels significantly help in creating more viewership, reach, and engagement. Therefore many brands use Instagram carousels in their marketing strategy for many purposes. This incredible feature of Instagram assists in 

  • Making the posts informative.
  • Promoting a whole new product launch altogether.
  • Promote brand stories and messages using graphics and texts.
  • Compiling many photos and videos of the same event in one carousel.
  • Highlighting the benefits, drawbacks, facts, and stats of a product at once.

5 Effective Ways To Use Instagram Carousels In Marketing Strategy

  1. Share Educational Tips

Instagram Carousel can be used to share educational tidbits to attract a larger audience. Create alluring graphics with informative text. Divide your tips into little parts and present them to your audience through Instagram Carousels. 

This technique of sharing information is effective in attracting an audience because of various reasons. Instagram Carousels make the statement easy to understand which significantly increases engagement, follows, and leads.

Brands can use Instagram Carousels to share informative tips, new trends, facts, statistics, and information on how to use services and products. 

  1. Show Different Information on Products

Instagram Carousel can also be used to showcase the product description, formats, sizes, versions, and benefits. It works as a perfect marketing strategy in promoting a new brand during the launch season. 

Instagram Carousels allows you to post more than 10 pics in one frame. Brands can highlight different aspects of their product in one post and share them on their profiles. 

This makes it easy for a viewer to absorb all the necessary information about the product without going through other posts. Whether this post reaches the viewers through a reel, story, and for your page. It works as a perfect marketing tool, highlighting all the main aspects to attract the sellers.

  1. Create a Story With Images

Brands can create a powerful story of their brand, product, services, or future endeavors using graphics and text photos. Create a story and divide them into different photos conveying the message of the story. 

Post these pictures using Instagram carousels. Viewers can swipe through photos and can easily grasp the whole idea of the story. This effectively attracts a larger audience, triggers emotions, and tends to buy your products. 

  1. Promote Discounts, Sales, Giveaways

Instagram Carousels can be an effective marketing tool for your upcoming sales, discounts, or giveaways. You can post pictures of your diverse products with the original price and discounted price through Instagram Carousels. 

You can also add links to each product, leading viewers to your website. Posting all your best sellers in one post with price tags and links allows customers to easily access all the necessary information which makes the shopping experience easy for them. 

Moreover, for conducting giveaways, you can use Instagram carousels to highlight the rules for participation,  giveaway runtime, winners rule, and of course prize details. 

When you collaborate with other brands in the giveaway, the Instagram carousel is the best way to highlight each brand’s participation and prize offerings. This helps in attracting an audience on each brand’s pages, increases engagement, and drives sales. 

  1. Share User-Generated Content

Instagram carousel can also work effectively in compiling all the user-generated content for your brand. 

Whether you have photos of celebrities and influencers using your product, or general customer feedback pics, integrate them in an Instagram carousel. This increases user trust, and brand image, and drives more sales of your products. 


Instagram carousels allow users to post 10 photos or videos together in one post. This feature proves to be an effective marketing tool if used at the right time in a proper way. 

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