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How you can maximize your potential with Instagram Reels

TikTok, in the recent past, has shown the world that there are creators everywhere and of all kinds. They quickly got their users hooked on sharing short clips, tips, quick laughs, and fun relatable videos. Having captured the tween and young adult audiences’ attention, TikTok’s top competition became Instagram. Never the one to be left behind – remember Snapchat? – Instagram quickly unveiled Reels.

Instagram created Reels to increase audience engagement. Now, whether or not this can be applied to brands amidst the chaotic noise of social media is a whole other thing. Without giving it a shot, we’ll never know for sure, right?

Here are some quick highlights about reels before we share the tips on how to maximise your brand’s potential with them:

  • They’re short form video content in full 9:16 portrait mode.
  • They can be 15 or 30 seconds in length.
  • They can be filmed with the reels camera and/or uploaded from the camera roll on your mobile device.
  • They can be filmed as one full take or a series of takes stitched together.
  • They’re mobile-only ie. they can only be uploaded on mobile devices.

Okay now after having some knowledge about reels, why don’t you try incorporating the below tips and see if it works for you and your brand.

✓Decide the storyboard and create content that appeals to your target audience

There’s no rocket science! Promoting your brand through reels need no different approach. Reels are all about quick content consumption. In a short span of 15 or 30 seconds, you need to create the kind of content that keeps the audience hooked and stays engaged. This could be not just showcasing your product but also its uses, sharing useful tips and tricks revolving around your line of products, and even making it funny or interesting for users to watch.

For instance, we at Vavodigital started a campaign with our creators namely “Laughable Cries With Vavoites” which showcases what influencers’ creativity, their contribution to content, their life behind the scenes and how they have been the torchbearers of influencing audiences.

✓Plan the look and vibe of your Instagram Reel video in advance

Experiment with different Reel features like music, graphics, layering text, font style, and much more, to understand what works best with your storyline. Instagram tutorials can also help you identify the right positioning of stickers and gifs to improve your Reel’s visual appeal.

✓Repurpose your old content to boost your storytelling style

Reels are short and fun which ensures that viewers don’t lose interest before the video ends. This style of promotion is guaranteed with maximum viewers’ attention which lead to higher engagement rates. The longer the followers stay tuned with you, the more profound your connectivity will be, which is a great way to convert to sales. If you master the art of grabbing viewers’ attention in the first 15 seconds, you have cracked it!

✓Start new challenges

Social media challenges are all the rage these days. There’s already a handful of brands that have started to reap some serious rewards. India’s biggest music production company,

T-Series’ Instagram Reels are high quality, stunning, and super creative; it’s clearly working for them! They regularly post their new and old song snippets. People can also make their own Reels using their original audio. It definitely establishes the recall value of the songs.

✓Take them behind the scenes and introduce your community to connect with your audience

Share glimpses with your audience of a typical day at your workplace and what goes into the making of your product. Make them an insider as they are an equal part of your brand by showing them how your business operates. Show mistakes, goof-ups, even frustrations of your failure. That connects your brand with your audience at a human level.

✓Avoid long form captions

Please note that most people watching reels aren’t going to read a caption, especially a long one. If you have a call to action (CTA) or key point to stress in your post, make sure it’s in the audio and any text overlay on the video so that it comes to the knowledge of your audience.

We hope you enjoyed reading this blog and ready to rock your reels!

As a quick recap, here are the key things to remember for nailing Reel submissions:

  • Be creative
  • Be interactive
  • Hero the brand
  • Add value for your audience

Now… go tell that story!

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