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Top 5 Most Popular Dance Influencers In India To Follow

Indian culture is worldwide famous and dance is a crucial part of it. Today, India takes great pride in its famous dance influencers who have set the bar higher for internationals in terms of professional dancing. 

It will be not wrong to say that Indian culture has now become even more famous because such influencers highlight it around the world. From Bharatanatyam to kathak, and modern dance styles, India takes great pride in its influencers who know the art of bringing people closer with their talent and dance moves.

 We are going to discuss the top 5 most popular dance influencers in India to follow if you are just tapping into this field. Make sure to stick around and completely learn about their specialties to know better about them with us! Here we go!

  1. Awez Darbar (@awez_darbar)

Indians can never be proud enough of Awez. After stunning his Indian followers with his dance moves, he has taken his talent abroad to touch the hearts of foreign dance lovers as well. 

You can get quick inspiration from his Instagram account where he keeps updating his fans with new dance sessions as well. Awez’s contribution to the dance industry is also important to discuss because he owns “ATRANGZ” with his siblings and some of his friends. 

A special private dance training hub for budding dancers and a great opportunity in the form of ATRANGZ invites interested people to join Awez on their journey to become highly trained dancers in terms of flexing awesome dance moves. 

  1. Dhanashree Verma (@dhanashree9)

She is unbeatable for her Bollywood moves. Dhanshree is also one of the biggest dance inspirations of India. You must be surprised to know she successfully juggles her balls of being a physician and a famous dancer as well! She has collaborated with different Bollywood stars inlcudng Sargun Mehta, Guru Randhawa and so many others. 

  1. Akash Thapa  (@theakashthapa)

Next, we have Akash Thapa, the hearthrobe of Nepal and the star of Super Dancer 2. Nobody knew ths boy will bring a new perspective to dancing. Akash has successfully made us Indians proud around the globe with his talent. He is one of the top young Indian dancers who can stun you with their moves every time you see them performing. 

  1. Sushant Khatri (@sushantkhatri148)

Nobody knew the potential of this boy until he showed up on an Indian dance reality show and stunned everyone with his talent. Sushant has been successful in giving B-boying a new definition with his skills. 

He also loves singing besides dancing and undoubtedly both these skills have taken him to the heights. His dedication to dancing has made him secure a place in the top 5 most popular dance influencers in India to follow

Sushant is a sweetheart from Nepal and never fails to impress you with his dance moves. You can follow him on Instagram where he has posted different dance sessions of his for his fans. 

  1. Saumya Kamble (@saumyakamble_official)

Saumya comes from Pune and has been one of the biggest inspirations in India for her expertise in different dance styles. Be it Indian classical, hip-hop, or contemporary, you will see her showing off her dance moves like a pro each time.

Saumya’s talent and her dancing are a treat for the viewers and each time they get mesmerized to see her in action. She had been the winner of India’s Best Dance as well which is a famous Indian dance reality show. 

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Wrapping It Up

India is lifeless without its authentic classical dance forms and over the years, hip hop, B-boying, contemporary, and others have also inspired millions of Indians to carve their career out of them. Indian dance influencers are our pride and we cannot be more grateful to them for highlighting the Indian culture worldwide and using their dance skills to blend into other cultures and letting others know about India deeply through its dance forms. 

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