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6 Ways to Integrate Social Media and Influencer Marketing

Selling through Branding isn’t a new thing. People were always interested in using products that their idols used or recommended. For decades together, sports and television celebrities have been the face of most of our daily use products. Be it the pickle used in food to the shampoo used in our bathrooms. The influence is of much greater dimensions.

Expansion of YouTube: After the expansion of YouTube and Instagram-like social media platforms, when the internet started to reach every nook and corner of the world. The number of talents has been ever-increasing. 

YouTubers, Instagrammers, or Influencers – Integration of Traditional Social Media 

The YouTubers and Instagrammers or nowadays better called influencers are no less than in fame from the mainstream celebrities in cinemas and television. The bar has been raised high just because of the love they received from their fans. 

So if you are someone who wants to cross benchmarks in the marketing strategy of your company, then integration is the key. 

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Integration of traditional social media along with the sale of influencers. This page is dedicated to all who want to learn about this system of integration. 

It’s no exaggeration if we say, your social media plan is incomplete if an influencer doesn’t market your product. 

So take notes guys and leverage social media for influencer marketing

  1. Giving Freedom to Create Content

Being famous or going viral on social media is no easy feat. The influencers have worked day and night to build an empire of targeted audiences who like to see their content. 

Hence collapsing is a great idea. Your influencer must have suggestions for you to integrate your product within their video. This makes the process more real. The connection from the audience comes naturally. 

For instance, travel vlogging is a great method of influencing nowadays. People plan to reach places where their favorite influencers have already been approved. 

Just like Aakanksha Monga, an offbeat traveler who shows how to travel more by spending less. Most of her trips are sponsored by @highontripsbyrg (High on Trips), a travel company. 

  1. The Influencer Must Have Used the Product before Selling

The best way to sell is to first use it. The belief should be real. It can be made possible if influencers tag your brand, and feature the product while using it, using the free samples your company must have provided to them.

For Instance, as you can see @soharshi (Harshita Gupta), a content creator uses Lipton green tea in her daily routine and tells about its benefits in a fun banter way. 

  1. Discounts! Discounts! Discounts! 

Who doesn’t love extra discounts? The main theory behind it is to create a customized discount code particular for a YouTuber or influencer which they can use in their videos and also mention in their description boxes. Such promotion works well for both parties. 

For example, Mahesh Keshwala aka Thugesh cordially features Mamaearth products in his videos. He also adds clips while using it and has mentioned discount codes for his viewers to use. 

  1. Select a Brand Ambassador

Brand ambassadors have a whole different charisma. They are fully dedicated to your product and team. The terms and conditions of collaboration should be mentioned before the start of collaboration. Such as the bonus and number of posts and stories to be uploaded by the concerned influencer. 

For instance, Virat Kohli is the brand ambassador of several athletic wear brands. One of them is Puma, @pumaindia. Puma releases an array of clothing and other sportswear products featuring the Virat Kohli style which makes it unique in its way. 

  1. Keep the Audience Engaged

Contests and polls keep the audience engaged in your content. The audience vanishes once the connection breaks. Giveaways gather a lot of engagement. Another example of this is given below.

Dominos_india has released a contest where it is calling its customers to submit their dominos bills and stand a chance to win a ticket to Rome. Sounds interesting right? 

  1. Feature Your Influencers on Your Posts. 

If you have a good fan base, then featuring new rising influencers and celebrities on your page is like the cherry on top. The influence must be elegantly carrying your product as this garners more attraction. 

For instance, here we see a famous influencer, Ruhee Dosani, a content creator with 2.2 million followers showcasing Boats Stone 1200F speakers.

Wrapping it up

After a long journey, we come to an end. But we hope the content sheds some light on the principle of effective integration of social media and influencer marketing. 

Influencers are numerous. Before investing, have clear goals and a target audience to reach. This will make it easier to choose one. Social media is a risky business. One bad moment posted can ruin several years of effort. So be wise and be honest with what you present. 

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