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National Creators Awards

The National Creators Awards 2024: Celebrating India’s Digital Creators!

India is now bustling with Millions of Digital creators, reshaping the heart of Millions of people around the country. India’s digital influencers are creating unique, effective, and innovative content in diverse niches. 

These contents have now become the true source of millions of Indian’s betterment in society, culture, and education. To celebrate the innovation, creativity, and effort of these digital influencers, the first-ever National Creators Award was introduced. 

National Creator Award 2024 was held on the 8th of March, 2024 in New Delhi. Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself offered the awards to 23 digital influencers, gamers, educators, storytellers, and many more. 

What is the National Creators Award?

The National Creators Award is a great initiative by the Government of India to recognize the huge achievements of digital creators in different niches. 

There are millions of influencers in India. Each Indian digital creator has a specific niche of social account, where they share content that helps in reshaping the cultural, societal, and educational values of India.

The Government of India announced to celebrate the efforts of these creators with the introduction of the National Creators Award 2024. There are 20 different categories belonging to different niches and fields. 

On March 7, 2024, P.M. Narendra Modi presented 23 awards to Digital Creators in the National Creators Award ceremony. 

Main Goal Of Celebrating India’s Digital Creators

The main aim of the National Creators Award is to celebrate the efforts, talent, and creativity of digital Influencers by the Government of India. It is introduced to acknowledge the work of influencers in moving the economy to digitalization. 

The Digital creators of India play a crucial role in celebrating the digital economy of India. With their creative, unique content, these influencers are the reason for transforming cultural, societal, and educational values. Thus, leading to a better India. 

The National Creators Award motivates India’s Digital creators to do more. It also empowers them by acknowledging their worth. 

Winners Of National Creators Award 2024

Here is a list of all 20 winners who won the National Creators Award of 2024. Let’s take a look at each winner with their specific category: 

  1. Celebrity Influencer Of The Year – Aman Gupta 
  2. Best Storyteller Award – Keerthika Govindasamy 
  3. Disruptor of the Year – Ranveer Allahbadia
  4. Green Champion Award – Ms. Pankti Pandey
  5. Best Creator For Social Change – Jaya Kishori
  6. Most Impactful Agri Creator – Lakshya Dabas
  7. Cultural Ambassador Of The Year – Maithili Thakur
  8. International Creator Award – Cassandra Mae Spittmann, Kiri Paul, Drew Hicks
  9. Best Travel Creator Award – Kamiya Jani
  10. New India Champion Award – Abhi And Niyu
  11. Swachhta Ambassador Award – Malhar Kalambe
  12. Heritage Fashion Icon Award – Jahnvi Singh
  13. Best Creator In the Food Category – Kabita’s Kitchen
  14. Tech Creator Award – Gaurav Chaudhary 
  15. Most Creative Creators (Both Female And Male) – Sharadha and RJ Raunaq
  16. Best Health And Fitness Creator – Ankit Baiyanpuria
  17. Best Creator In the Gaming Category – Nischay
  18. Best Creator In Education Category – Naman Deshmukh
  19. Best Micro Creator – Aridaman
  20. Best Nano Creator – Piyush Purohit

Impact of National Creators Award on Future

The National Creator Awards 2024 is a great initiative by The Government of India for both digital creators and India’s digital economy. These awards serve as a beacon of hope to motivate, empower, and encourage digital influencers to keep working for the betterment and development of India’s digital landscape. 

This glittery award ceremony is more than just about trophies. It acts as a foundation for future digital influencers that their efforts are not going in vain. Instead, it is recognized by the great leaders of the country. So it will give them prosperity and create more content for the sake of India’s growth. 


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