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Valentine's Day marketing

Top 6 Valentine’s Day Marketing Campaigns To Get Inspired From

Love is the most beautiful feeling of this world and Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate this beautiful feeling. Valentine’s Day is special and it is celebrated by the whole world. 

What connects us is love and we need to celebrate it with heartwarming efforts and vibes.

Although a single day is not enough to show your love to someone yes on this day you can take that one step closer to your love and closer to your business.

You can also show your love for marketing this Valentine’s Day.

Yes, you heard it right.

If you are interested in marketing(perhaps you are either single), this Valentine’s Day is for you. You can give your business a nice comeback or a Kickstart by implementing ideas from big brands. 

By applying inspiration from these big brands’ Valentine’s Day market campaigns, you can also add some beauty and love to your business.

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Here we have come back with Top 6 Valentine’s Day marketing campaigns to get inspired from. 

  1.  Cadbury silk: how far will you go to make them blush

One of the famous chocolate brands Cadbury used the Valentine’s Day marketing campaign to attract customers back in 2022. Cadbury Silk imprinted QR codes in their chocolates pack, by scanning them customers went to its website where they could write a secret full of love messages to their Valentine.

It used to be a big success at that time and helped the brand to gain more popularity among buyers.

  1. McDonald’s “Lovin’ It”

You remember this tagline “Lovin’ It by McDonald. It is as famous as the brand itself. In 2015, McDonald used the hashtag #LovinIt to encourage customers to share their love stories on social media platforms.

This hashtag was a big success and still, it has a place with the brand. You can also get some inspiration from McDonald’s to use this Valentine’s Day for the success of your business.

  1. “Love Notes” of Spotify

Music has a direct connection with love, so love has with your heart and your heart has with Valentine’s Day. Spotify is a brand in the music industry, however, it has gained popularity in a short period and its outstanding marketing strategies played an important role.

In 2016, Spotify created a customized Playlist generator called Love Notes. It helped to create a Playlist of songs based on users’ interests, relationship status, and of course their music preferences. Even though users could share their favorite Love Notes playlist on social media.

You need to get some inspiration from Spotify.

  1. “Love is in the air” by Coca-Cola

Parties are the center parts of Valentine’s Day and without cold drinks, I don’t think you can make it.

Coca-Cola is a brand, sorry “The brand”.

The romantic theme of Coca-Cola’s “Love is in the Air” highlighted one of the strong marketing campaigns of the time. It produced a limited edition set of cold drink bottles containing designs inspired by Love themes and they had phrases like “love is in the air”.

Now if you are partying this Valentine’s Day, don’t bring some cold drinks from Coca-Cola.

  1. “Bouquet de Poulet” by KFC

In 2020, KFC had come up with an amazing marketing campaign highlighting Valentine’s Day- Bouquet de Poulet.

During these marketing campaigns, KFC allowed customers to order bouquets of fried chicken to show love for their loved ones.

And people prefer to buy a Bouquet de Poulet instead of a Bouquet. This is one of my favorite marketing campaigns for Valentine’s Day.


If not, read our last brand on this list of Valentine’s Day marketing campaigns.

  1. Love story zine by Gucci

How the International brand Gucci can stay far away from Valentine’s Day marketing campaigns. It has also shown amazing marketing strategies to attract more customers on Valentine’s Day. 

In 2022, it released a limited edition of a zine to spread love during the period of Valentine’s Day. This limited edition zine consisted of beautifully stunning photos describing the love story of a fairy who was in love with a giant.

It also highlighted the beauty of the brand by mesmerizing photos of clothes and accessories. It also offered a limited edition zine to its customers.

Wrapping it up

These were amazing marketing campaign ideas to accelerate the growth of your business. These top brands use marketing strategies from time to time to gain more popularity among people.

Now it’s your chance to get some inspiration from these outstanding International brands and apply the ideas to your businesses.

Without love, humans are nothing, and without customers, businesses are nothing.

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