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Grow Your Influence: 4 Powerful Ways to Use LinkedIn

Increasing your following on LinkedIn requires much more than infrequently posting a few items. LinkedIn has launched several new features, tools, and strategies for companies to build fantastic brand recognition and attract more followers. The social media plan should include LinkedIn since it is great for authority building, company development, brand awareness, and brand building.

With B2B marketing continually changing in the digital sphere, it is now crucial to connect with audiences, initiate meaningful dialogue and exchanges, and create fantastic, enduring connections with customers. LinkedIn is used to disseminate material by 96% of content marketers, according to CMI. However, there must be a means for marketers to differentiate themselves and establish a competitive advantage for the brand.

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This post will show you four techniques to increase your impact on LinkedIn and develop trust.

Improve your LinkedIn profile

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The online brand you present on LinkedIn is yourself. It acts as a crucial source of information for anyone trying to learn more about you and symbolizes your company’s reputation. Opportunities for meaningful contacts and interactions with other professionals are increased by having a great professional LinkedIn profile. Online research is something that many people undertake before meeting someone. 

In a Google search, your profile on LinkedIn will come up first, along with your profile picture. Select a profile picture that is warm and accurately represents your professional demeanor. You can read 5 Top Tips For Finding & Connecting With Influencers On LinkedIn, this will provide you with better opportunities and help to widen your network. 

Choose a recent photo where your face fills 40–60% of the space in your profile picture. Similar to how people find you on Google, LinkedIn ranks your profile based on keywords. The keywords you include in the Professional Headline section will have the most influence on how LinkedIn ranks you in comparison to other professionals. There are 120 characters available for you to make a statement.

Begin Publishing Newsletter

It’s easy to publish articles on LinkedIn and doing so increases your following. LinkedIn is helping marketers, though, by enhancing the likelihood of forging meaningful connections between target audiences and companies with the new Newsletter tool. The actions required to publish a newsletter are rather straightforward and very similar to those required to publish an article. Marketers that post an article once a week can get a lot of momentum with their present audience.

Even with the number of followers, the algorithm would only allow a certain proportion of users to read the content on their newsfeeds. Publishing a newsletter, on the other hand, guarantees that each subscriber or follower is notified via a notice of the latest shared material. Marketers must develop a strategy, maintain consistency, and choose a topic that establishes the brand as an authority for newsletters to be effective. Newsletters that are personalized to a case, a product, or a service receive more engagement than ones that are not distinctive and tailored to the target consumers.

Organize Live Discussions

Live videos are a consistently popular kind of content on social media sites, and LinkedIn is no exception. Although there are many options with LinkedIn Live video, we’ve found that holding private dialogues or roundtable discussions works best for small company owners.

One benefit is that it enables you to take advantage of the fantastic and continuous engagement that video content providers. LinkedIn Lives extends your potential reach by continuing to be available as a recorded video after the event has ended, much as on many other platforms.

Additionally, connecting with other leaders, accessing their audiences, and giving your followers useful material are all possible with LinkedIn Live. In her Live discussions, Byrd adds, “I get to bring on some phenomenal people who are actually doing this work.” Other businesses “can see it’s doable for them or get some practical and tactical strategies to bring back to their organization.”

This functionality isn’t presently accessible to everyone, just like newsletters. To watch live, you must first submit an access request and fulfill the same access requirements.

Produce or re-post video content – 

Finding suitable companies and specialists for Live sessions on a consistent basis might be difficult for many marketers. The difficulties with time management, time zones, and scheduling cause unneeded disputes and postpone the execution of marketing strategies. If so, sharing or producing brand-new video content is preferable than doing a live session or not sharing anything at all. 

Marketers must have a collection or repository of watchable, relevant video content. Target audiences may stop interacting with the brand if posts are not made on a regular basis (as scheduled). The continual engagement and relatability with the products, services, launches, and offerings are the responsibility of marketers. Maintaining high engagement levels requires frequent sharing, comments, and likes on pertinent video content collateral.

The majority of the information on LinkedIn doesn’t have to be of the highest caliber. Audiences can be engaged via how-to videos, infomercials, product evaluations, trials, and other video content. Although many small companies and brands on LinkedIn lack access to high-quality video material, they nonetheless make sure to publish one or two videos on a regular basis to keep their viewers interested. As a result, conversion rates rise and the brand gains credibility and relatability. 

Even adding Behind the Scenes (BTS) movies describing the items, their difficulties, and how they overcome them might be advantageous for some businesses. Given that LinkedIn is a business-focused website, it is important to emphasize the problems and solutions as well as the services and value additions.


Investigating LinkedIn Analytics in-depth is a great way to learn what is popular with current audiences. Understanding the kinds of articles that generate the most engagement and audience interaction is crucial for marketers in the long run. Many digital marketing firms also completely redesign their LinkedIn social media tactics based on Analytics. 

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