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5 Top Tips For Finding & Connecting With Influencers On LinkedIn 

In today’s digital world, influencer marketing has emerged as a game-changing strategy that can give your brand an exponential boost on social media platforms. Among these platforms, LinkedIn – a platform synonymous with job-hunting and corporate networking has now also become an effective tool for brand promotion through the use of influencers. By teaming up with these savvy trendsetters, you can ignite your brand’s presence on this professional platform as well. 

As a popular professional networking platform, LinkedIn has become a go-to destination for both businesses and potential employees. Leveraging the power of influencers on this platform can help spread the word about your brand and products with ease. However, the challenge lies in identifying genuine influencers from the sea of imposters who resort to purchasing fake likes and followers to mislead brands into collaborating with them. 

However, you can nail your LinkedIn influencer marketing game with these straightforward tips to identify and connect with the right LinkedIn influencers.

  1. Establish Your Target Market and Position 

Identifying LinkedIn influencers begins with knowing your value to your field. To do so, you must first identify your market niche and establish your standing within the industry. It is essential to effectively market yourself, as in this way, you’ll get a firm grasp of your own worth. Without a clear understanding of your value, it becomes challenging to present yourself to an influencer in a compelling and persuasive manner.

To further differentiate yourself and gain a competitive advantage, it’s crucial to determine your unique selling proposition (USP) too. It entails identifying your distinctive qualities that set you apart from your rivals and using them to your benefit. Knowing your USP can also help you strategically position yourself when seeking to connect with influential individuals on LinkedIn.

  1. Use keywords to locate thought leaders 

You can also start your influencer hunt by conducting a Google search. Use keywords relevant to your industry, business, popular search terms, common industry challenges, products, industry news, and customer reviews. A Google search with relevant keywords may reveal blogs or articles written by potential influencers in your industry. Typically, a handful of profiles will rank highly for these terms, and it’s worth researching these individuals on LinkedIn. 

Digging deeper into their profiles can provide valuable insights into their expertise and suitability as an influencer partner for your brand. Through the magic of these search engines, you can unlock a treasure trove of information and insights that can help you pinpoint the perfect LinkedIn influencers for your influencer marketing strategy.

  1. Check their relevance 

While you may have uncovered a sizable pool of potential Thought Leaders, selecting an individual based solely on the number of people who follow them rather than their ability to advance your company’s goals is a mistake.

The key is to select an influencer who is not only consistent with your brand messaging but also resonates with your ideal audience. It’s counterproductive to have an influencer market your brand to an irrelevant audience that doesn’t align with your buyer persona.

Also, there is one such application Sehaye, which allows you to leverage influencers to strengthen your brand’s connections to its target demographic. They make it easier to get in touch with several decision-makers. Brand decision-makers and opinion leaders can use this site to tailor their selections to their individual needs.

  1. Construct Social Networks 

In case you’re hesitant to send a connection request right away, consider building a relationship with influencers by engaging with them in LinkedIn Groups. Locate the groups where these individuals participate, proactively engage in conversations, and offer valuable contributions to build meaningful relationships.

Pay attention to what they’re saying, join the conversation by commenting and replying, and establish rapport before making a sales pitch. In addition, you should follow their LinkedIn Company Page (if they have one) and interact with the posts by liking, commenting, and sharing them.

If you don’t know how to leverage them using LinkedIn Groups, then we recommend you to read this blog, “5 Ways To Leverage Linkedin Groups For Your Business.”

  1. Create intriguing messages to send 

When the time comes to establish a connection with your chosen influencer, it is imperative to ensure that your approach is both captivating and noteworthy. Avoid using a generic message when requesting to connect, such as the hackneyed phrase, “I’d like to add you to my professional network.” Such insipid and uninspired communication not only fails to engender any meaningful connection but is particularly unbecoming when reaching out to an influencer with the aim of initiating a relationship.

When interacting with them via InMail, it’s best to strike up a conversation in a natural way, provide value whenever possible, and only make an offer when you’re sure it will benefit both parties. Make sure your interactions are interesting and not desperate, as they may be inundated with InMails offering influencer propositions.

In a Nutshell

By 2023, LinkedIn will offer a wealth of opportunities for brands and marketers to expand their outreach. By following the tips outlined above, you can pinpoint the ideal LinkedIn influencers for your brand, ensuring that you maximize the benefits of influencer marketing.

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