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6 Social Media Trends to Inspire your Content Creation!

We are living in a time where people spend most of their time on social media. Every second, someone is consuming new content. And the social media and content enthusiasts? Well, they are busy creating new trends! After all, social media demands them to be pristine with their ideas. The term ”old-fashioned” is slowly fading out in the world of the internet.

Yes, many of us still love the beauty of age-old content. But will people let you breathe on social media with this approach? It’s a complete ”No-No”.

With content flooding on social media networks, people are always awaiting an imaginative mind that can blend its creative juices with rapidly changing trends.

Aligning your content creation with the updated social media trends can fuel up your strategy. It’s simple! We upgrade our wardrobe frequently with new and trendy clothes to gel up with fashion. Similarly, content strategies need to be upgraded time and again to gel up with the social media trends.

However, we know you are still troubled with some unwanted thoughts. How will you know what trends you need to adapt to change your social media game?

Don’t worry! We are here to make your life only easier. We will deep dive into 6 social media trends that will inspire your content creation. Come, let’s look at them!

1) Storytelling through live streaming!

Stories have always been a part of social media. The challenge, however, was to use the tool of storytelling creatively. For the past year, brand stories have been changing their course. Sometimes, they were dwelling in long blogs and sometimes in a 6-word copy. Well, they still are!

But, as you know, change is the only constant. Storytelling has again changed its course and has found a new place to reside in. Do you know where? Live streaming!

Yes, we know what you are thinking. Many brands and creators have been using the Instagram and Facebook Live feature since day one. So, what is new about it?

Amid the pandemic, the amount of time users spending on social media has doubled up. Since no one can step out, everything has shifted to digital. Be it professional meetings, casual meetups, or even music concerts, everything has gone live.

And the interesting part is, people are enjoying these live streams.

For example, recently, the world-famous Korean band, BTS, organized an online live concert for their fans. And the results? At least 50 million BTS fans tuned in to watch the event. Crazy, right?

Well, this is not it. According to a recent Sprout Social Index, 40% of consumers want to see more live videos from brands. For example, live game streaming, shopping events, etc. And the brands that have been wisely using the live feature have seen an increase in video views too.

Now, if this doesn’t inspire your content creation, then we don’t know what will!

2) Consumer Interaction through Augmented Reality!

Most of you who are frequent Instagram users might know the hype that AR filers have created. Many brands have been using AR filters to create unique and immersive digital experiences for their audience. It is a great way to engage consumers in a memorable and exciting way.

For those, who are still not aware of it, let us get straight to you!

Augmented reality is a technology that lets people impose their digital content over a real-world environment. And adds elements that aren’t really there, only to enhance the user experience.


For example, you might have seen a lot of beauty brands creating Makeup filters that the users can try on virtually. This helps them in knowing what looks best on them!

So if you haven’t started leveraging Augmented reality, then do it right away!

3) Purpose-Driven Campaigns!

Marketing is no longer about selling products and services. With the changing times, the audience is looking up to brands that are coming forward to talk about a cause.

For example, amid the pandemic, many brands and influencers have been helping people to fight the Covid-19 crisis. Be it informing them about the availability of hospital beds, oxygen cylinders, or even generating leads for the same.

Both brands and influencers should focus on the humanity aspect while creating content and evoke positive emotions. This is one of the best ways to make your audience happy and drive engagement.

Believe it or not, but this social media trend is only here to level it up!

4) Simple consumer journey with Shopping feature!

We all know that online shopping has shaped the purchase decisions of consumers. But with the world moving to social media, shopping is too!

After Facebook and Instagram launched the in-app shopping cart features for brands, it has stirred a buzz among the consumers. Brands like H&M, Zara, Nike, etc., are already using the feature.


But, how is it helping the brands? Consumer purchase decisions have changed again. According to a report, 54% of users research products on social media.

Thus, brands that are leveraging this feature effectively, can not only generate high engagement, but quality conversions too.

5) The Era of Influencer Marketing!

Influencers are everywhere! Every marketer knows the power of influencer marketing.

If you are rightly using influencer marketing in your campaigns, your audience is already going ga-ga over your brands. But if you are not, start focusing on it!

Influencers can not only create credible content but even help you in winning the trust of your audience. Moreover, your posts will not seem like a sponsored content but simply user-generated content. So fascinating!

All you have to do is find an influencer in your niche, analyze his/her feed, content, audience & engagement rate in-depth, and see if the particular influencer is the right fit!

But, in case, you are worried about the influencer research, we’ve got you covered! At Vavo Digital, we help brands connect with the right influencer, who can create remarkable influencer campaigns with you!

6) The use of video content is rising!

It’s not surprising that brands are using video content thoroughly. Well, it provides a vast reach, higher engagement, and the content is more entertaining.

Videos let brands tell a story in the most creative way possible. It provides an opportunity to brands to showcase the creative side of their business and build relationships with the consumers.

There are different video formats like Instagram Reels or IGTV’S, static video posts, or long video formats used by the majority of them.

But make sure you target not only the eyes but the ears of your audience too.

Now, get ready to boost your content creation with these game-changing social media trends!


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