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8 Exceptional Indian Tech Influencers In 2023

India is becoming a tech hub and leading the world’s path by inventing new tech as well. We cannot deny that Indian tech influencers have great contributions in evolving the landscape of tech. Therefore, Vavo Digital finds it important to appreciate these tech enthusiasts and shed light on their work so that you can have a chance to get to know them closer with us!

So here we are going to discuss 8 exceptional Indian Tech influencers in 2023 that you can get inspired from! 

  1.  Gaurav Chaudhary

Gaurav Chaudhary, aka Technical Guruji, is among the famous Youtube tech experts. He is a consistent content creator from UAE and infuses great tech knowledge among his diversified audience as well. You can head over to “TG SHORTS” and find out more about his tech insights to keep yourself update on new gadgets and tech inventions. 

  1. Ruhez Amrelia

If you are into tech then Ruhez can be your biggest asset for tech updates and hot news regarding futuristic gadgets. He owns “Techno Ruhez”  on Youtube and uses this platform to explain about latest tech and new gadgets for you. His reviews are unbiased and honest so that you dont find any problems regarding exploring new tech at all!

  1. Manoj Saru

Manoj Saru is an Indian YouTuber and you can rely on his tech reviews blindly. He is strict and straightforward in analyzing the pros and cons of latest tech as well. You will find tons of tech explainer videos on his YouTube channel as well. He precisely discusses the tech features for you in his videos and helps you explore them with him at the same time!

  1.  Geeky Ranjit

Geekyranjit is a popular tech influencer currently active on YouTube. He is a computing expert and uses YouTube’s potential for imparting all the computer knowledge among his fans and followers. He is keen to help his audience develop a strong sense about computers so that they can meet the future demands as well. 

  1. Arun Prabhudesai 

Who does not know Arun Prabhudesai in tech world? If you want to get inspired from futuristic tech innovations and gadget reviews then Arun’s Youtube channel called “Trakin Tech” can be your ultimate resource in this regard. Over the years, he has grown a decent followers base ad his fans love him for what he does on Youtube!

  1. Gogi tech

Imagine buying a new phone and getting disappointed by its features! Pretty bad right? Well, Gogi Tech can save you from such a disappointment which means you can get inspired from him for tech unboxing. From smartphones to tablets and all the cool tech gadgets, nothing stays hidden from Gogi Tech at all. 

  1. SharmaJi technical

Praval sharma is another tech influencer who goes by “Sharma Technical” on Youtube. From latest tech updates to unboxing gadgets, you will find diversified content on his Youtube channel. He also loves to compare smartphones for you so that you can easily make a choice by real-time demonstrations and specs tests with him! 

  1. Techy Kiran

Lastly, we have Kiran here who is breaking the barriers and have emerged as one of the popular tech ladies to get inspired from over the years! She delivers highly insightful content to the tech lovers and brings something exciting for them everyday. She is an expert in reviewing smartphones and cameras. People love Techy Kiran and we cannot ignore it at all! 

To Recapitulate

Vavo Digital is delighted to introduce you to these amazing Tech experts who are playing their part in making people aware of tech and its innovations. There is no doubt that without these influencers, we will be unable to stay updated on the tech world at all! 

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