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Influencer marketing for app promotion

5 Fool-Proof Ways To Use Influencer Marketing To Promote Your Application 

Developing an app is the job of a software developer but making the thing in use is the job of an influencer. You can be the managerial head but unless and until you have ways to connect with your audience, it’s not a success. 

Therefore in this article, we have tried to declutter 5 fool-proof ways of using influencer marketing and promotion. The aim is to help you intensify the number of downloads in the play store. 

We have tried to look with similar lenses both the startups and well-established brands. This is because, after a certain time, even big brands start facing difficulty in creating exciting content for their audience. We hope these tactics will help you stretch your engagement to corners of the world. Boost your visibility and raise the number of people who visit your app through influencer collaborations.

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So here are the five most valuable and guaranteed solutions to make influencer marketing your right hand in app promotions. 

1. Strong website means a strong app 

Source : Sehaye

i) Most of the audience likes to search for information on any product or service firstly on google. After which they head towards the app download if they like to surf more. So it’s utterly important to make your website very user-friendly. 

ii) Keep keywords, alt text, and meta descriptions after thorough research on your website. 

iii) Your website loading time should be fast enough to not test the patience of your newcomers. 

iv) It’s great if you include a direct bold call to action in the website itself redirecting them to your application. 

v) You can also add customer feedback, discounts in registration, and your new launches on the website itself. 

vi) All this will increase your app’s chances of being downloaded. 

2. Social Media is the Key 

i) Promoting through social media is a must nowadays. The population using social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, snap chat, and many more loves to see original product sellers on such platforms. Majorly when you have an app dedicated to your goal, it brings more trust to it. 

ii) Hire influencers who do similar content making and want to collab. 

iii) Run paid ads in stories, posts, and reels. 

iv) Make sure to use social media-generated analytics as it is the most original one and suggests good business ideas at optimum charges. 

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3. App Store Optimization 

i) A user-optimised app is the most liked one. Take good high-quality screenshots of what your app can do and post them on social media. 

ii) Preview the brand names of happy clients you have served to date and what are their experiences of working with you. 

iii) Use positive reviews to increase visibility and negative reviews to console your client that you will surely work on the issue. 

iv) Regular app performance tracking is a must and look out for any kind of bugs that might be hindering its function. 

v) Making videos and shorts that showcase how your app on different devices is a must. 

vi) Your theme colors should be unique and should be able to define your brand image. Be constant with whatever palette colours you use. 

vii) Using captions and arrow-generated text on clicking a feature on your app helps to make the process comfortable for new users. 

4. Promotion through paper, podcasts, and promo videos

i) Joining conversations in podcasts of the film industry brings major popularity to your brand. You can print reviews related to your brand product along with luring discounts. 

ii) Join relevant discussions with top podcasters and promotional content creators on how your app visibility can be increased through them. 

iii) Put up informational videos on how to get started with the application. 

iv) You can also take help if cold emailing for promotional purposes. Make your emails catchy and full of colors. Use good captions, a clear call to action, and a short description f the products and application benefits. 

v) Attention-grabbing icons and photographs can be added. 

5. Smooth App Landing Page 

i) Most of the users you find will be on Android or iPhone, so it’s obvious that you have your website and app landing page optimized for it. 

ii) Using premium quality images and screenshots of actions happening in your application. 

iii) The videos should be self-descriptive with subtitles. Keep it short and crisp with just one piece of information in a single video. This way you can publish more videos from a single topic. 

iv) Host testimonials of users in your app and website. 

v) Test various landing elements and see which performs the best in which portal. 


In conclusion, we would say app promotion is not a single-step process. It can have multiple pathways to reach the dream audience. Once you are following the tricks listed above, it cuts off 90 percent of your worries about the results. They have designed to make app promotion fun and fruitful. 

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