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Top 8 Indian Beauty Channels In English To Follow On YouTube

Makeup redefines you; it highlights the beauty of your skin rather than changing who you are. Though there are already hundreds of beauty channels on YouTube, the ones that altered the landscape are at the top, making millions of dollars in the process. It’s not a coincidence that you might do the same thing, but they are the ones making millions while you are not; they know how valuable originality and creativity are and are planning to approach it as such.

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The recent explosion of digital media has been led by the new generation of fashion and beauty bloggers from India as well as YouTubers. Their enthusiasm, commitment, and hard work are evident in their different reviews, tutorials, DIYs, lookbooks, etc. You can find many brands to collaborate with and there are various influencers worldwide, to make communication easier and effectively you can use Sehaye

We have thus chosen our top 8 Indian beauty YouTubers for their reviews, cosmetic tutorials, fashion tips, and more to include in today’s article.

List of Top 8 Indian Beauty Channels 

  1. Smitha Deepak – 2.82M Subscribers 

Smitha is a San Francisco-based Indian beauty blogger who can replicate any look, particularly Bollywood-inspired ones. 

Smitha Deepak is a beauty blogger and makeup artist who specializes in recreating Bollywood looks. She has a devoted following because of her excellent beauty advice and hairstyles.

2016 saw the release of her first video on YouTube, “Soft Romantic Makeup.” With over 13.5 million views, her most popular upload is “How to Remove Facial Hair | 100% Natural Home Remedy.” 

  1. Ankita Chaturvedi – 763K Subscribers 

Ankita is a skilled makeup artist on YouTube, a content producer, and a beauty influencer. She attends the Makeup Forever Academy in Paris. She has collaborated with various domestic and foreign beauty companies. This Indian beauty influencer has a variety of makeup looks to offer her followers, including both Western and Indian party makeup looks. 

She will inform you of all the benefits and drawbacks of any beauty brand, both domestic and international, so you can choose the correct item to purchase with your hard-earned money. 

  1. Malvika Sitlani – 751K Subscribers 

Malvika is an Indian beauty YouTuber who is well-known for her straightforward makeup looks that she creates with budget-friendly domestic and foreign cosmetics. She covers topics including selecting the right underwear size, dispelling myths about periods, and much more in addition to beauty and skincare.

As of April 2022, Malvika has around 700,000 YouTube subscribers. Her most watched YouTube video to date, “My Wedding Makeup!” has had over 2.9 million views.

However, she has collaborated with several other cosmetics firms in addition to supporting brands like Smashbox and NYKAA. She co-founded the cosmetics line “Masic Cosmetics @masicbeautyofficial.”

  1. Kritika Khurana – 722K Subscribers 

Indian YouTube makeup artist Kritika Khurana, commonly known as “That Boho Girl,” is well-known. She has a sizable fan base on Instagram and YouTube. Her YouTube account includes “Get ready with me” videos, everyday life vlogs, vacation vlogs, and product reviews. Kritika is a well-known lifestyle influencer who also runs a beauty YouTube channel and has verified Instagram and YouTube accounts. 

  1. Shreya Jain – 742K Subscribers 

One of the most well-known YouTubers for beauty and cosmetics is without a doubt, Shreya Jain. 

Since 2010, she has continued to wow her audience every week with new beauty and cosmetic products. Shreya produces material for skincare, haircare, and cosmetics. She is also an Indian fashion stylist, blogger, and lifestyle influencer in addition to being a YouTuber. 

She likes to create “Top 5” comparison reels, for example, “Top 5 Shower Gels for Summer Under $500.” She did an excellent job of evaluating everything, from worldwide brands like MAC and Huda Beauty to Indian cosmetic enterprises. Absolutely, Shreya has followed her niche so well that audiences find her a helping hand. 

  1. ShivShakti Sachdev – 457K Subscribers 

Model, YouTuber, social media influencer, and Indian actor Shivshakti Sachdev primarily appears in Hindi-language television shows. On Shiv Shakti Sachdev’s YouTube channel, you can find food and shopping hauls, cosmetic lessons, travel vlogs, and fashion and beauty hacks. Just check out his YouTube videos to know more about how Sachdev brings beauty hacks to help people.

  1. Debashree Banerjee – 264K Subscribers 

Debasree is well recognized for her comparison and review films, which allow viewers to compare the quality, price, and other elements of several comparable skincare and cosmetic products. 

She has created unique content for her channel, including her “unspoken beauty” playlist, try-on haul videos, honest product reviews, and solutions to all her audience’s skincare problems. She is known for her beauty company. Yes, Debasree is the founder of the beauty company @debasreeebeauty. She is an Indian beauty influencer with a 300K Instagram following and a 264K YouTube following.

  1. Shalini Srivastava – 142K Subscribers 

Shalini is renowned for her beauty recommendations for women with Indian and olive skin tones. Her channel will showcase her love of beauty and cosmetics as well as reviews and suggestions targeted toward those with Indian and olive skin tones. 

She started her online career in January 2011 when she founded the Be Beautilicious blog, where she writes about DIY projects, travel, fashion, and beauty. 


Indian beauty YouTubers are in high demand, especially in the current day since they have a considerable impact on the purchase decisions of their audience. Millions of views and reliable marketing channels for beauty products have resulted from the evolution of beauty YouTubers into reliable and knowledgeable providers of advice on matters linked to beauty. 

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