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Chandrayaan 3: Moment marketing

Chandrayaan 3: Exceptional Moment Marketing By The Brands 

India cannot be proud enough of the spectacular achievement of safe landing of Chandrayaan 3 on the moon! Since India has made history, Vavo Digital cannot miss out on this opportunity to introduce you to some exceptional brands that have leveraged moment marketing to increase awareness among the people regarding this mission. With the help of this post, you will be able to learn about moment marketing and how it can make a difference in the campaign as well.

Let’s get started with Chandrayaan 3 Moment Marketing By Brands:

What Is Moment Marketing Anyway?

Moment marketing is a type of marketing through which a brand takes advantage of an ongoing event and delivers its message to its audience. This marketing requires something to happen so that the brands can use it to convey their message easily. The same happened with the Chandrayaan 3’s launch when brands were able to promote a particular message based on this event. 

How Indian Brands Have Celebrated Chandrayaan 3’s Landing?

Want to see how Indian brands have relied on moment marketing during Chandrayaan 3’s launch? Sit back and relax because you are going to be amazed to see your favorite brands giving an edge to their strategies through moment marketing! Let’s take a look at these brands below! 

  1. Swiggy Instamart 

Swiggy is a famous Indian brand for convenient delivery of groceries to customers. You get your order right at your doorstep with Swiggy without wasting your time in waiting. Swiggy has celebrated Chandrayaan 3’s safe landing through a post and we cannot deny that they have used moment marketing in an exceptional way!

  1. Tinder India 

If you are an Indian who is single and has not used Tinder, then you are missing out on a great opportunity to find your life partner. Tinder, too, did not leave behind using moment marketing and delivered its purpose through an amazing Tweet that intrigued the audience to a great extent. 

  1. Spotify India

Spotify is the favorite music platform to explore global music genres around the world right on your phone’s screen. Spotify India also acknowledged Chandrayan’s 3 launches in their own style and we cannot resist it at all!

  1. Zomato 

Zomato is an amazing food delivery app from which you can order food from renowned Indian restaurants and cafes. Zomato has also lauded Chandrayaan 3’s launch with a witty Tweet which stays true to the definition of moment marketing. All the Zomato lovers have found it irresistible to see them using Chandrayaan 3’s launch to deliver their message as well. 

  1. Kellogg’s India 

Who does not love Kellogg’s in their breakfast? Chandrayaan 3’s launch has also made them put up an Instagram post to boost their connection with the customers and audience while leveraging moment marketing for Chandrayaan 3 as well. Kellog’s knows how to use moment marketing and the Chandrayaan 3’s launch has made it possible for them! 

  1. Myntra

Myntra is your go-to online shopping platform which has so much in the store for everyone. From women to kids and menswear, you will have Myntra fulfill your clothing needs right the spot! Chandrayaan 3’s launch has also intrigued Myntra to use moment marketing to boost its overall brand presence. 

Parting Words

Here you have the top Indian brands that have exceptionally leveraged moment marketing during Chandrayaan 3’s launch. Now you know how moment marketing can set your brand apart with a decent amount of engagement and boost in sales. 

Vavo Digital is thrilled to see how Indian brands always keep up with the marketing tactics to keep their audience connected with themselves. We are a flagship Digital Marketing firm that can be your reliable partner for finding the perfect influencers for your campaigns and leveraging failproof marketing strategies for your brands. Want to know more about us? Reach us at

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