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Festive season trends

5 Digital Marketing Trends To Watch Out For This Festive Season

Our nation’s culture and religious celebrations are intertwined. They are brimming with joy, adoration, ethnic attire, food, and music. People eagerly anticipate sharing these occasions with their family and loved ones, especially after Covid’s two quiet years have passed. Festivals offer marketers a special chance to interact with both current and future clients. An efficient marketing plan during festivals to specific demographics improves the brand’s image, creates an emotional connection with the consumer, and boosts sales. A festival marketing strategy should capture the festive mood. Whether related to music, the ebb and flow of the seasons, or other elements, a brand must show how it captures the spirit of the celebrations.

Quick Takeaways For Festive Season

1. Event marketing and experiences will be driven by data more and more, but genuine human interaction and customisation are still crucial.

2. Virtual reality and interactive video events both heavily rely on technology.

3. In the social media and image-obsessed world of today, the actual event site still matters.

Top Digital  Marketing Trends For 2022 During This Festive Season

1. Creating a pre-event buzz- Giving your audience teasers about what to anticipate in the festive season and enticing them to share with their friends through video content is an excellent method to engage them. It is worthwhile to produce a preview film that may be applied to your event promotion in a number of different ways. Festivals and events must use content marketing to reach the right audiences and establish credibility.

Reference: Check out Myntra’s festive video on Diwali which demonstrates how one can be a reason of someone else’s happiness simultaneously promoting their festive collection.

2. Artificial Intelligence- As data collection expands and platforms get more advanced, artificial intelligence will continue to revolutionise marketing technology.

AI can be used to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of festive marketing by freeing up human marketers from repetitive duties and giving them more time to think of original ideas.

The management of ticketing and sales, personalization of experiences and promotions, and automated post-event follow up are just a few of the ways that AI-powered platforms may assist with event planning and marketing at all phases.

3. Using Contests And Promotions- Brands have been actively utilising festivals to introduce contests and promotions built on the festival’s theme. Festivals are a popular time for shoppers. Festivals like Onam in Kerela often serve as a gauge of consumer opinion, and spending by brands that are encouraged to participate creates the ideal environment for frenzied promotional activity. In 2022, a festive marketing plan drives sales growth as a rise in consumer spending enables companies to reach their projected revenue goals. Depending on the target demographic, these promotions may be conducted online or offline.

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Reference: Check out Flipkart’s contest during Big Billion Days Sale which gave 2 lucky winners get a chance to win a paid Dubai trip.

Did you know? You can use influencer marketing to grow your business during this festive season, read 5 Effective Tips To Use Influencer Marketing During The Festive Season for some excellent tips on how you can do so.

4. Region-Focused Marketing- It is crucial to recognise that one solution will not work for everyone in a nation as diverse as India. Focused localised marketing, particularly during significant local festivals, aids firms in connecting with the target market. Campaigns that produce savoury, aesthetically pleasing, and genuine localised advertising are successful. To achieve the optimum amplification and outreach, it is crucial to pair the campaign with an effective media strategy.

5. OTT Platforms: A Game Changer For Festive Season- The upcoming festive season and the retail opportunities it brings portray an upbeat picture for business, especially e-business. Due to its reach among elite, wealthy audiences and high engagement rate, the OTT space will help brands effectively communicate their festive products to their customers, as online advertisements will continue to be the primary source of product information. 

OTT platforms like Disney+ Hotstar, Amazon Prime, SonyLiv offers its advertisers the exceptional chance to reach a highly engaged premium audience in a brand-safe setting because it is a leader in the OTT industry. Due to its broad selection of ad formats and precise targeting capabilities, marketers can completely tailor their campaigns to meet their specific marketing goals, which helps businesses to increase brand recall and buy intent.

In A Nutshell

Similar to every other year, the festive season in 2022 will undoubtedly be a dynamic and ever-changing year for digital marketing. Trends are emerging more quickly than ever before. Digital marketing has evolved to meet new consumer wants and habits in a year of unimaginable upheaval. For both customers and brands. 2022 will undoubtedly be the year of sustained digital engagement and transformation, where cutting-edge technology is used in marketing. Brands will succeed or fail based on strategy and innovative concepts. Gain an advantage over your rivals by start shifting resources and kicking off brainstorming in anticipation of these five expected trends for this festive season. 

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And, Happy festivities lovelies! 🎅🎄🎁

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