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How To Follow Hashtags On LinkedIn: Best Practices & Tips

In a fast-growing digital world, LinkedIn has become an effective way to connect with authentic people, experts, and professionals, and grow your presence around the globe. The fastest way to top the charts on LinkedIn, use hashtags.

Hashtag is a crucial and effective tool that helps your brand to reach more audiences. However, it is important to understand how to use hashtags and follow them on LinkedIn.

Steps To Follow Hashtags On LinkedIn

1st Step: Search A Hashtag

First, search for the hashtag on LinkedIn to follow it. Go to the homepage of your LinkedIn. Type the hashtag you want to search in the top search bar of the homepage. Click on the enter.

As you click enter, LinkedIn opens up a whole list of accounts, articles, and posts related to the hashtag. You can see the type of content that is used under this hashtag. 

2nd Step: Click Hashtag

The second step to follow the hashtag is to click on it. When you click the hashtag, LinkedIn will show you a specific page that is dedicated to only this hashtag. Here you can check all the articles and posts that people have shared on LinkedIn using this hashtag.

3rd Step: Click Follow Button 

On the page of the hashtag, there is a blue button of Follow on the page’s right side. Just click on the button. Now you start following it.

Final Step: Manage All Your Followed Hashtags

Once you start following this hashtag, LinkedIn itself starts showing the related content in your LinkedIn feed. You can also manage all the hashtags following through the My Network Tab available on your homepage of LinkedIn. Click it. 

A dropdown menu will open, click on hashtags. This will show you all the hashtags that you have followed until now. Here you can make changes to the follow by unfollowing it or adding new hashtags to it.

Best Practices And Tips For LinkedIn Hashtags

  1. Use Relevant Hashtags

When you post content on LinkedIn, make sure to add only relevant hashtags. Relevant hashtags ensure that your content will reach the right industry, targeted industry, and desired clients. 

Irrelevant hashtags lower your account engagement and damage your brand image. Therefore, ensure that you choose only those hashtags that resonate with your brand, profession, product, service, or industry. 

  1. Do Thorough Research

It is crucial to do thorough research to choose the right hashtag on your LinkedIn. This helps you find a hashtag that matches your brand image and industry norms. 

You can get help from the search bar of LinkedIn for research. The search bar helps you understand which type of hashtags is used for what kind of content on LinkedIn. 

  1. Make Your Own Hashtags

Create your own hashtags. A personalized hashtag is an effective way to make and promote the image of your brand. Ensure that to create a simple, unique, easy-to-understand, and relevant hashtag. 

Use these hashtags appropriately throughout your content. Encourage users, consumers, and audiences to use your hashtag while sharing your posts or content on their LinkedIn profiles.

  1. Do Not Use Too Much

Hashtags play a crucial role in any social media platform to rank your content and brand. However, it is a rule of hashtags that if you use so many hashtags in one content, it turns the content into spam. 

Therefore, to avoid a spammy look on your LinkedIn, make sure to use only 2 to 3 hashtags that are relevant in one post. Also, put these hashtags in the appropriate place for better engagement and content worth.

  1. Make It Simple

When you choose or create hashtags for your LinkedIn content or brand, make sure it should be simple. This means that your hashtag must be simple so that anyone can easily read and understand. 

Try not to use any slang, computerized terms, or acronyms that most people can’t understand. Always keep your LinkedIn hashtag simple, clear, easy to understand, and concise.

Final Thoughts

Hashtags on LinkedIn play a crucial role in connecting you with the right professionals, clients, and experts, and expanding your network. You can easily follow hashtags on LinkedIn, but it’s important to always follow the right or relevant hashtags.

While choosing LinkedIn hashtags, make sure to keep it concise, and easy to understand. Do your thorough research and only choose relevant hashtags that match your brand, content, and services. This way you can easily rank your content on LinkedIn without spamming your account. If your brand is looking for LinkedIn marketing strategies, then contact our team. We at Vavo Digital ensure to help brands reach the heights of success.

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