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Regional Beauty influencers

Top 7 Regional Beauty Influencers In India On YouTube

India is a diverse country with distinct faces, colors, tones, and regional skincare preferences. With the rise in social media, influencers, and DIYs, people have started turning towards beauty influencers for effective beauty tips. 

Regional beauty influencers on YouTube create videos on beauty tips, cosmetic use, DIYs, and easy makeup tutorials. These regional beauty influencers create content that specifically resonates with the audience. 

Here we have 7 top Indian regional beauty influencers on Youtube. 

  1. Komal Gudan

Komal Gudan is India’s most popular regional beauty influencer. She runs a YouTube channel on styling tips where she has 3.89M+ subscribers. Her content revolves around make-up tips, fashion, skincare, and other beauty and styling videos. 

She has a great influence on a wide range of people. With her practical beauty tips, she has changed the styling views of thousands of people and is still changing. It’s no surprise that her fan following keeps increasing on YouTube and other social platforms.

  1. Jyotii Sethi

Jyotii Sethi is also another top regional beauty influencer on Youtube in India. Apart from being an incredible make-up and beauty influencer, she also shares her travel ventures, cuisine, and daily life with her fans. 

The most attractive thing about Joytii is that she adds her friends and family to her beauty blogs. Moreover, she shares the most budget-friendly cosmetics with her followers from the streets, local vendors, and local brands. 

She has 871k subscribers on YouTube and each one loves her because she goes out of her way and brings the most resonated content for the people. 

  1. Shivangi Sharma

Shivangi Sharma is on the third number of our best regional Indian YouTube beauty influencers. She posts beauty and cosmetics product reviews and tutorials on her YouTube. She has 779K subscribers on YouTube. 

Shivangi runs a reputable beauty and fashion brand with the name of House of Shaarom. Her brand attracts the most popularity with its non-toxic wax and 100% vegan candles, sweatshirts, and T-shirts. 

  1. Debasree Banerjee

Debasree is a Bengali beauty YouTuber who has been creating unique beauty content since 2009. She comes from Assam, the most mesmerizing state of North East India. 

Her content revolves around distinctive domains of cosmetics with reviews, try-on-hauls, beauty tips, lifestyle, and tutorials. 

The amazing thing about Debasree is that she engages with all her fans. She replies to every single comment and query from her fans. 

  1. Shalini Shrivastava

Shalini is another popular regional beauty influencer in India on YouTube. She comes from New Delhi. Her YouTube channel highlights beauty and cosmetic tips, particularly for Indian tones and complexion. 

Shalini is a global beauty blogger with a blog of Be Beautilicious. She transformed her love for beauty and cosmetic bloggers from a hobby to a full-time influencer on YouTube. She now has 157K subscribers on her YouTube channel. 

Shalini never resists trying experiments with different cosmetic products, make-up looks, and tutorials. With her creative beauty and make-up videos, she helps Indian women to enhance their beauty naturally. 

6. Akanksha Kommirelly

Akanksha Kommirelly is known to be a great beauty influencer in India. This Indian beauty YouTuber is based in Hyderabad. Akanksha loves to play with makeup and cosmetics. She experiments with distinct beauty products and creates innovative ideas.

Akanksha’s original and creative work is the reason that takes her to the heights of success in the beauty influencers world. Her main content revolves around creating innovative make-up tutorials, beauty looks, product usage, and reviews. Moreover, she also has a huge fan following of Telugites too.

7. Simran Bhatia

Simran Bhatia is also the most popular and amazing Indian regional beauty influencer on YouTube. She creates unique videos on beauty, cosmetics, and fashion. Her channel reflects her great fashion sense and beauty aesthetics.

She has 82.8K subscribers on YouTube. Her engaging and resonating content relates with the audience which made them fall in love with her. She created a one-stop beauty and fashion solution for girls with her brand Swish Boss.

Final Thoughts

There are tons of various beauty influencers in India who are topping the chart of best YouTubers. However, the above-mentioned regional beauty influencer on YouTube creates unique videos and shares resonated content with the audience. 

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