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How to grow on Twitter as an Influencer

It always starts small. And that’s what drove us crazy, kept us deeply engrossed and a hold on the research we did across twitter and off to get the grip of this social media platform.

Have you ever seen someone on social media, with a hundred thousand followers and wondered, how the heck did they get so popular and trending?  

What did they do to achieve this level of popularity and authority?

It’s simple, these people are known as social media influencers! Wait, what? No, it’s not that  simple either. Their extra effort and whole lot of experience make them fall in this category.

So, let’s know a few tips you must follow as an influencer:

Firstly, let’s understand who a Twitter Influencer is. He is somebody who can get other Twitter users to notice and talk about a particular person, place or topic. Even before news breaks on TV, it breaks on Twitter, with bits of news getting picked up and re-tweeted, the story thereby goes viral.

Like for any other platform, selecting the right hashtags is a must for Twitter.

Make sure you have the right Twitter handle, and choose hashtags which are industry specific and easily relatable. Hashtags bring your tweets to the attention of users who aren’t your followers yet. Don’t cluster too many hashtags, keep a check on that as a post with lot of hashtags is unlikely to be read.

✓ Keep it short

Your tweets shouldn’t use the full limit of 140 characters because your followers will have to edit your tweet before they add their say. Make it convenient for your followers to retweet. Keep your content short, to the point and readable.

So, keeping this point in mind we’ll not do a lot of writing here and move on to the next point. XD

Use witty words and go viral

Using witty words in your tweets help your followers make an instant connection with you. Twitter is your chance to be casual and witty even on the company profile. Use popular phrases in your tweets that catch one’s eye. Twitter gives you a platform to express your ideas and influence others like no other platform. Your opinions can have a strong and tremendous influence on others actions. 

✓ Stand your ground

Don’t be afraid to go against the tide and have an opinion which is grounded in logic and backed up with facts. People will admire you for this, and you can even be the one starting a new trending topic! However, it’s true to believe that having an opinion leads to arguments and controversies but that shouldn’t stop you, it can be dealt politely. 

Keep one thing simple, don’t get into fights and lose popularity.

Now, let’s get to the beauty tip: Maintain your profile.

Have a Twitter profile that is not ordinary, add a witty tagline and interesting profile picture to stand out. A twitter user with no profile picture is less likely to get noticed than one with a   good photo. Likewise, a bio that gives an idea of who you are as an individual would win the attention of many. Your bio talks a lot about your personality.

So, what are you waiting for? Start posting some light tweets along with little humour and attract more and more followers with your talent. 

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