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How you can create sparkling Diwali content in 2020 on a budget!

Diwali is just around the corner and we’re gearing up for it with all precautions in place. And so should you. This year has been such a bummer but let’s not let anything put a damper on our Diwali. It’s time to light up our homes, lives, and social media!

As we inch towards the festive season, it’s time to make our social feeds as lit as it can get. People come to all social platforms for ideas to dress up, décor, make-up, skin-care, and so much more. If your niche can be a part of the festivities, don’t miss a beat. Let’s look at various kinds of content you can light up your feed with this Diwali season!

Dress-up like a patakha

You’re going to use the caption “why buy a patakha when you can be one?” aren’t you? In that case, pick a theme for your Diwali outfits. There will be lots of Diwali content out there. To make yours stand out, narrow down your content to a specific style.

Sample idea: Outfits inspired by the colours of various Diwali crackers.

How to turn your regular salwar suit into one fit for a Diwali party.

Credit : juhigodambe

Diwali glam on a budget

It’s been a rough year for many folks who lost their jobs. And it’s not easy to stay on a tight budget during endless Diwali parties and festivities. That’s where you can come in with your neat little hacks and tricks to help people make the most of what they already have. Ideas like these are cost-effective, creative, engaging, and practical for your followers.

Sample ideas: Diwali glam make-up with drugstore products.

Get your shimmer on with low-cost high-glam products.

Credit : blendwithmuskan

Skin and hair because you care

Under all that glam make-up, it’s important to take care of your skin. Show your audience what they can do to prep their skin for Diwali with homemade DIY facepacks, scrubs, and treatments. And don’t forget your hair. It needs just as much care if not more. Homemade hair packs and conditioners are all the rage these days. Make the most of it this Diwali too!

Sample ideas: Coffee grounds to detan this Diwali.

Avocado pack for shiny and well-conditioned hair for the festival.

Credit : thatsupergigglegirl

Let your home sparkle

Diwali décor during party season can be really stressful. And it’s way too expensive to hire someone to do it for you. Instead, your ideas and tips on festive home décor can help all the not-so-creative people turn their homes into something out of a magazine. Some fairy lights, diyas, marigold flowers, golden dupattas, and pictures of loved ones – decor within minutes.

Sample idea: Fairy lights in bottles, hand-painted diyas, marigold highlights, and shimmer dupattas to turn your home Diwali ready.

Credits : decorthynest

Finger-lickin’ finger food

Food is also an essential and much fun part of Diwali. C’mon, we’ve all stuffed our faces with zero regrets at pretty much every party. And if you’re hosting, it’s a great excuse to show off your culinary chops without breaking the bank or a sweat. It’s that time of year when we’re all waiting for quick fixes from our favourite foodgrammers!

Sample idea: Diwali party eats that come together in 30 mins.

Easy Diwali treats for the non-cook!

Credits : cookwithmanali