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Influencer Marketing Challenges In 2023 And How To Tackle Them

“People do not buy goods and services… They buy relations, stories, and magic.” 

Said Seth Godin, The Marketing Guru. 

Influencer marketing has never been a plain road to success. It is full of slopes and downfalls. There will be pandemics and worse situations when industries will be on the rim of finishing up. But it is influencer marketing and the influencers who can never fall short of their talents. 

Influencer marketing is a strong weapon with more than $13.8 billion in business currently happening all around the globe.

It is almost mid-2023 and today we are here to discuss a serious topic that most enterprises around the world must be facing at some point in their journey. The influencer marketing challenges and the need to tackle them the right way as an expert. 

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It’s high time that we don’t fall prey to trivial downpours and rise to these challenges bravely with logical solutions. Let’s dive into the blog to know more about the challenges. 

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Few points on Influencer Marketing Challenges and How to Tackle them? 

  1. More Flexibility to be Created for the Influencers

Post-pandemic, it is kind of difficult to expect customer behavior in terms of the posts they like. There needs to be a continuous behavior check to exactly know which influencer or what type of content they are rooting for. 

Hence it’s completely normal for hyped influences to try on new ways of entertaining their fans. Everyone goes with trendy audio, moves, voiceovers, movies, celebrities, or even parodies. 

They know better. As a brand manager, you need not be strict about sticking to only one form of content. Variations are the need of the hour. So let the influencer experiment with his/her creative brain. 

They should be paid equally for the engagement gathered. Let the influencer retain their authenticity and you be ready to spend your budget on the virality of that specific content all over the social media. 

  1. Shorter the Videos, More the Views

The explosive growth of short video forms like reels and shorts is the gift of a viral platform like Tiktok which started with showing off dance moves and lip syncs but has come down a long way. 

The long-form of ads are dreaded by common viewers. They usually fail to deliver the message. Hence it is now a challenge for brand managers to look up to short forms of content which are crisp, concise, creative, and informative. 

Here comes the real use of creativity. Being entertaining and advertising within a short span of 15sec or 30sec is the job of a real content creator. But with the help of multidimensional research on related audiences and content, it is cent percent possible. 

  1. Long Term Partnerships with Influencers

Most of the big brands are showcasing their brand ambassadors as their prime focus on ad campaigns and sponsored content. In this way, the goal is to show their loyalty toward one brand and its users. 

You should find influencers who cater to your brand requirements and are the known face among your targeted audience. Then only long-term partnerships bear fruits. A short-term campaign is likely to be forgotten or not taken seriously by the viewers. But if the same face comes up with the same brand services/products every time, the influence is on the next level. 

Content makers are also able to preach in detail about the brand. 

  1. Diversify Your Outreach to cover a larger audience 

It is time that you think out of the box. Gone are the days when you used to be focused on just one corner of the audience table.

For instance, if your brand manufactures art products like colored pencils, watercolors, art books, and such items, then your target viewers will be: 

School and college-going students

Kids at play-school


DIY makers

Women selling artwork from home

And many others

In this way, you can choose your influencers to be Youtuber Moms, DIY video channels, artwork channels, and painters channels or pages on any social media platform. 

This process calls for more resources and research. But has a guaranteed high engagement rate. 

  1. Partnership with College Influencers

Sponsoring college influencers like athletes and fashionistas to promote your brand gives new edges to your influencer campaigns. They are more rooted and related to the audience you have been longing for. And as our first line said, people like to buy products through relations. You can generate discount codes, giveaways, and special offers on college days for the students studying over there. This would encourage them to participate in your activities. 

For instance, Nutshell, an Instagram page that delivers information on curious and not so talked about topics is popular for its way of telling stories. They generate curiosity in the minds of the viewer and then answer the whole concept in the form of a story with creative images and videos. 

  1. Unable to Find the Right Influencer

The major problems will end when you have the right influencer hired under you. But what if your human brain or company relations fail to suggest you the right one? Trust the experts. Use AI-generated software results available on websites like Vavodigital, Confluencr, and similar sites. They give you promising options according to your input data. 

  1. Inefficient Performance Tracking

Credits: SlideTeam

It all ends at one point. Are you observing your engagement rates and taking note of your gains and losses in the process of influencer marketing? Have you not yet decided on your (KPIs) key performance indicators? Do it asap guys. Poor performance tracking can make you lose a lot of budget on mismanagement. A well-listed KPI is the benchmark for long-term success. 

We hope that this must have a ray of light on your influencer marketing problems. Embrace what’s coming up, maybe that can be the next change nobody expected. As a leading player in the field of best influencer marketing strategies, Vavo Digital, a virtual platform guarantees you of best results. We have played important characters as influencer marketing advisors for industries like Netflix, caffeine, Urban Company, Nykaa, and many such pro players. 

Still in doubt? Just drop an email at and we will catch you up with solutions. 

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