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Regional comedy influencers

Top 8 Regional Comedy Influencers In India

Language is no longer a barrier but rather a link connecting individuals from diverse cultures since the advent of the social media world. Instagram has developed into a place where people can discover joy, laughter, and of course, crazy memes. 

Regional comedy influencers on Instagram bring the comforting warmth of laughter and pleasure at various times, making it the ideal venue for Indian comedians to display their ability. To make their fans laugh uncontrollably, these comedy influencers utilize their wit and humor to produce hilarious stand-up comedy, parody videos, and comedy vlogs.

These local comedians have an impact that extends beyond amusement. They adopt a sarcastic or hilarious stance on current socioeconomic concerns, which facilitates interaction and influences the purchase choices of the audience they are targeting. As a result, entertainment businesses are increasingly looking for prominent Indian comedians on Instagram to help market their brands. 

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The eight most important regional influencers in India to watch in today’s time are highlighted in this post. With their distinct humor and relatable content these influencers have won the hearts of their fans. 

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Prepare to laugh out as we examine these funny Indian comedians on Instagram in more detail:

  1. Niharika NM (@niharika_nm – 2.7M Followers) 

In the field of humor, Niharika NM, a 25-year-old content creator, has established herself. She has acquired an extensive following, and it’s understandable why—she has more than 2.7 million Instagram followers and 1.68 million YouTube subscribers. 

Since Niharika is a master of slapstick humor, her writing will undoubtedly make you laugh aloud. 

Niharika, who is originally from Bengaluru, currently resides in California, which has only increased her attraction to millennials and members of the new generation. 

She is even more remarkable since she can multitask, therefore it is understandable why she has grown to be one of India’s most important comic influencers. 

Her accent and vocal tone, which give her videos an additional dimension of humor, define Niharika’s distinct brand of comedy. Her content is always original and fascinating, and her caustic delivery of lines will have you laughing so hard that you will cry. 

It should come as no surprise that she is a fan favorite, and each new video she releases just seems to increase that popularity.

  1. Alekhya Harika (@alekhayaharika_ – 1.6M Followers) 

Alekhya, a dancer, actor, and YouTuber became well-known after she made an appearance in the amusing web series “Dhethadi.” She mainly makes appearances in Telugu short movies. Her Instagram feed consists of both professionally produced pictures and spontaneous images from her daily life. Alekhya stands out for her friendly manner, talent, and humorous subject matter.

In 2015, this regional comedy influencer started working as an executive at the Hyderabad Amazon Development Center. Alekhya stayed there for about three years. The owners of Tamada Productions were then introduced to her by her friend. She was chosen to appear in the 2018 season of the web series “Chitram Vichitram.” 

After playing a prominent role in the online television series “Dhethadi” on the YouTube network, Harika gained recognition. She also took part in the “Frustrated Telangana Pilla” YouTube video, which has already received over 4.2 million views in a few days.

  1. Jahnavi Dasetty (@mahathalli – 916k followers) 

Jahnavi Dasetty is a well-known YouTuber and performer in short films. She became renowned because of her comic web series “Mahathalli.” 

She was just another hostel-dwelling Kurnool girl who preferred to pursue the arts over careers as an engineer or physician. 

Her constant zeal helped her gain admission to NIFT, Hyderabad and ultimately landed her a role in a short film. She discovered that she wanted to be a performer, no matter the medium, while playing in short films made by her friends.

After Mahathalli became famous, another series (co-presented by Wirally South) was made with an “AIB-like” perspective on contemporary events; it was a combination of fiction and reality with a comedic exterior. 

Jahnavi has 1.92 million YouTube subscribers in addition to 916k Instagram followers. She creates and delivers humorous sketches in Tamil and Telugu. Her brand advertising comes across as really organic and real. She frequently discusses topics in-depth and makes them relevant, which is a quality of an effective influencer.

Although this Indian comedy influencer has done a few fashion-related collaborations in the past, which you can see on YouTube, her Instagram is primarily focused on food and dogs. Her most recent video was a joint effort with Pooja Hedge, another well-known actor, for an Amazon Fashion Up advertisement.

  1. Alexander Babu (@ilikeslander – 326K followers) 

Alex is another multidimensional Instagram influencer from Chennai with a remarkable 326K Instagram followers. He was an engineer before becoming an actor and comedian. He is also a certified yoga teacher.

Alex earned fame in both Tamil and English with his debut solo stand-up act, “Alex in Wonderland,” a musical comedy in Tanglish. He has performed this amazing act LIVE around 125 times in front of almost 100,000 spectators in Sri Lanka, Qatar, Chennai, Bangalore, and many other locations in India and throughout the world.

He acted in the science fiction online series Time Enna Boss, which is available on Amazon Prime. The show’s trailer was his most intriguing post, which received more than 608K views.

  1. Mrunal Divekar (@mrunaldivekar – 208K followers) 

A well-known public speaker and content creator is Mrunal Divekar. She uses slang words while speaking in traditional Marathi, which makes things funnier. We are convinced that you will be able to relate to her subject because it is related to everyday life and something that everyone does.

She was born and raised in Pune, although she studied and currently stays in Mumbai. Harsh Rane, Karan Sonawane, Just Neel Things, and Sameeksha Takke are the people she most resembles.

On the streets of Mumbai and Pune, Mrunal Divekar may be spotted taking pictures. To reach as many people as possible, this Indian regional comedy influencer has worked with a variety of creators. She or he speaks about real life, and her material may be very relevant to others.

  1. Sangtar Singh (@sangtarr – 184k followers) 

Sangtar Singh Sahota, a well-known Punjabi comedian, actor, and internet video creator, has a verified Instagram account. 

Sangtar, a 23-year-old content producer, lives in Toronto, Canada. His Punjabi parents are a major influence on his videos. 

He is showcasing Punjabi culture in Canada via his writing, which raises the quality and uniqueness of his work. Sangtar started a YouTube account in 2016 and has already racked up more than 125,000 subscribers. 

He creates funny films, parodies, skits, and vlogs. He frequently produces intriguing new stuff to keep his Instagram followers and the YouTube family engaged in his videos. Every member of the family appreciates the videos that he mostly makes about life in a brown household.

  1. Saikiran Rayaprolu (@jestsaikiran – 168k followers) 

The stand-up comedian Saikiran Rayaprolu thinks the Telugu scene still has a long way to go. He is a popular YouTuber, stand-up comedian, writer, actor, and stand-up comedian from India. He is well-known across the nation for his entirely vegetarian humor and the hilarious “Dark Skin & Getting Married” comedy video that went viral on YouTube. 

After taking part in an open mic in 2014, Saikiran was motivated to pursue a career as a comedian. His impeccable comic timing helped him become a well-known English comedian in Hyderabad and Bengaluru.

  1. Sarang Sathaye (@sarangsathaye – 145k followers) 

Sarang Sathaye is a Marathi actor, writer, and producer. Bharatiya Digital Party, a.k.a. Bha Di Pa, was established by Sarang Sathaye three years ago as a YouTube channel for the creation of Marathi content. On a movie set a few years ago, Sathaye met his co-founders, national award-winning filmmakers Anusha Nandakumar and Paula McGlynn. 

They rapidly discovered that their objectives for local content were comparable. Since BhaDiPa was established to try to fill a significant need in the Indian digital market—clever, cutting-edge content for the country’s Marathi-speaking population—they chose not to restrict themselves to a certain format.

A digital entertainment scene dominated by English and Hindi did not give regional languages the respect they deserved. The three of them decided to start Gulbadan Talkies, and their first success was a successful online campaign for ParleG, India’s favorite cookie company, called Shayar Kehta Hai. Comics like Sathaye, Mandar Bhide, and Trupti Khamkar are not restricted to their subject matter because political satire has a long tradition in the state.


The diversity and depth of India’s cultural environment are reflected in the growth of regional influencers on Instagram. These comedians use their mastery of storytelling to connect with audiences all around the nation. They are producing material that appeals to locals in their communities, which helps them develop a devoted and enthusiastic following. They are using their power to impact not only entertainment but also opinion- and purchase-shaping. 

As a result, the Indian influencer marketing sector is beginning to include regional humor influencers on Instagram as a significant subset. They stand out and connect with viewers in a way that crosses linguistic barriers thanks to their distinctive USPs and capacity to provide accessible content in regional languages. Vavo Digital helps you work with these influencers. For any query drop a mail at

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