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4 Ways To Use Influencer Marketing For EdTech Brand

EdTech brands have revitalized the process of teaching and learning. It has changed from crossing tough roads to reaching your 4 miles away from school to learning at home. Each student is given individualized treatment so that they won’t feel left out. 

Learning from teachers across borders, and not matching your timeline is no more a dream. The best education for the best learners is present right in front of you. Curated courses and online teaching is something that edTech tends to boast of the most. 

This is why EdTech brands are seen as the new dawn for students of any age, background, or corner of the world. You can learn French by staying in Spain. That is the magic delivered in seconds. 

Hence realizing the importance of education as much as our economy and finance, several startups come up with fresh ideas to make education easier to reach and affordable. But not all grow at the same speed. Before selling education you must educate people about you, your brand, and why it stands out from the rest.

Sehaye helps you to collaborate and communicate with such influencers and big brands easily.  

Some EdTech brands use email marketing, SEO, website optimization, and several other tactics. But what has worked the best is influencer marketing. The whole world is connected through social media. Be it the simplest Whatsapp or bigger platforms like Instagram and Twitter that can change lives through trends and hashtags. 

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Here is how you can also be one of the high-grossing EdTech companies in this rat race by choosing wisely while influencing marketing.

  1. Create Brand Awareness 

Credits: Drishti IAS

Engaging and relatable content is the key to all hearts of your target audience. You may not be having a high reach if you start as a startup from scratch. Building a brand needs popularity that can come through spreading the word through Instagram influencers. 

  1. Choosing the right medium for the buzz. You need to find where most of your target audience lives, interacts, and communicates. It can be LinkedIn, Instagram, or even Twitter. If you know this, you know where to paste your ad. 
  2. What type? Use every method of advertisement. It can be through ad stories, posts, videos, or short form of videos, or reels. Reels are seen to engage maximum nonfollowers quickly. 
  3. Choose the right image, caption, and hashtag generated by the influencer or used by them to spread awareness. Do not make an error in generating coupon codes if you are doing one. 
  4. People like to buy things that their favorite influencer is using mostly. So barter collaboration with micro and nano influencers is a thing. 
  5.  Cleverly agitate the market to visit your page by announcing giveaways and contests. 
  1. Use YouTube As Your Explainer

What can be better than seeing the product you want to buy before you order for yourself? Here comes the need for deeply explained videos for which YouTube is the promising platform. Some ideas that are on trend nowadays include- 

  1. Unboxing the packet video. Be it a tech device or a mixer for your kitchen, influencers buy the product for you and try to give an honest review after thoroughly using it for themselves. 
  2. Not just blabbering about the greatness of the brand. Influencers are great storytellers. The creative ones know how to integrate the utility of the brand product into one of their stories. 
  3. YouTube shorts are the new reels world. 
  4. Taking a sneak peek into the lives of one of the influencers is interesting for the majority of the followers. So vlogging opens routes for brand importance in real life. 
  1. The Online Meme Business

Memes run in the veins of young minds. Learning life lessons, sports news, entertainment news, or news of any sort are nowadays conveyed through memes. Hence collaborating with famous mem pages that suit your niche boosts interactions instantly. Memes are funny and more colorful to represent even the dullest ideas. 

  1. Choose The Right Influencer 

Credits : Sharan Hegde

Finance can be fun! If taught by a hilarious educator like Sharan Hegde. A master of thoughts mixed with daily life stories and bringing solutions for them has made him the best finance educator nowadays. So if your brand sells finance courses, why not collaborate with a pro like him who has in-depth knowledge about the facts? 

The Biggest Example Of All Time! 

Byju’s hooked up with the pro footballer of all time, Lionel Messi for a campaign. This collaboration was made ahead of the World Cup in Qatar. Messi and Byjus collaborated to share 3 short films which will be showcased in the stadium and everywhere else on the internet. One of the campaign names includes, “A Letter to Messi” which reached a vast community of 358 million followers for Messi alone. The message here was to choose the right teacher as the first lesson to learn. Byjus spreads the idea that a student may not meet a teacher sitting abroad but still through online teaching could learn anything from him/her and excel in their lives. So start learning wherever you are because education knows no boundaries.

Final Thoughts

EdTech platforms have the power of saving 80 percent of students’ time from being wasted on random stuff on the internet. While social media has served as a boon for many working in this field, adopting education online is not a cup of tea. Hence influencer marketing strategies if built on strong grounds seriously could work wonders. It’s all about choosing the right leader who will be the face of your brand. Take reviews of your consumers and work for its improvement. This builds credibility and trust for the brand. 

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