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Health and wellness brands

Influencer Marketing: For Health and Wellness Brands 

Like every other sector, influencer marketing hasn’t left untouched the health and wellness industry. 

Health and wellness brands are very close to a person’s life so they must have good publicity and fame. People don’t usually believe brands that haven’t got credibility from fitness freaks in the television industry or approved by researchers. 

Hence the need for social media influencers to promote health and wellness brands. Health and wellness brands focus on a holistic happy way of living. It implies products ranging from nutrition supplements to hygiene to a healthy mind. 

Thanks to the rampant growing technology, everything is sellable. Health and wellness brands run a 6 trillion dollar industry that has been growing since forever. Product delivery has become convenient all around the world.

Along with ups in this industry, there are significant downfalls related to credibility. Consumers, clients, and influencers are now more vigilant about what they are consuming. To know more about how to boost the SEO through your influencer marketing campaigns then do check this 5 Solid Ways To Boost SEO Through Influencer Marketing.

Hence the security is now increased and only those brands flourish that run on truthfulness. 

5 Ways to Run a Viral Marketing Campaign For Health and Wellness Brands

  1. Determine Your Audience 

Knowing your target is the first step toward winning the game. Search for like-minded people who have been searching for health advice, fitness plans, diets, products, and anything like that on Google or Instagram. This will help you find your target niche. 

  1. Define Goals and KPIs 

Set high goals for every campaign you are organizing or want to achieve from the social media presence of your brand. Thereafter break them into key performance indicators that determine the numbers.  It can be the number of link clicks, website visits, likes, shares, engagements, views, or anything that personifies you. 

  1. Be Choosy 

Be choosy in terms of selecting your brand mirrors. If you are an athletic wear brand, then you should choose athletes as your face. Similarly, brands like Colgate, have preferred influencers with unique types of teeth or who have been shamed because of their teeth such as Dolly Singh. 

  1. Disseminate Campaign Brief 

Your campaign goals, deadlines, and expectations must be crisp and crystal clear with everyone who is linked with it. Be it your administrator or influencer, everyone must have the brief and guidelines. Your keywords, hashtags, promotional codes, and links must be shared with all. 

  1. Launch, Track, and Analyse 

Careful planning and execution should be tracked after their launch. Observe which message has resonated with your audience and has got maximum engagement with the drive. Be actively involved in discussions both online and offline, to get to know what the audience expects more from the brand.

5 Top Influencer Campaigns for Health and Wellness  

  1. Dettol 

Dettol is the name of the house. Dettol arranged multiple campaigns with a focus on hygiene at home. They target clean floors for children to play on.

  1. Well Being Nutrition 

Wellbeing Nutrition is a brand that specializes in preparing science-based formulations that are 100 percent natural with no additives. 

They collaborated with famous actresses like Rahul Preet, fitness freaks like Mira Rajput, Salman Dulquer, and many others to promote the brand’s products. 

Telling people about the health secrets of their celebrated celebrities is one of the best ways to attract an audience. 

  1. Pampers 

Pampers has always been collaborating with new mothers to let the world know about their struggles in raising a child. They recently launched a campaign with Kajal Aggarwal where she talks about how soft Pampers pants are with other perks. They also put up contests and giveaways to attract lucky winners and prospects. 

  1. Lizol India 

Lizol launched the campaign #NoMoreHalfTruths to show how phenyl only cleanses 50 percent of the germs. They urged their viewers to use this hashtag and with every mention they would clean one house which will make countless children germ free. 

  1. Oura Ring 

Oura has launched the campaign #withoura and discounts for this fathers day to celebrate the fatherly love and give them back the same. Oura rings are noninvasive and known to monitor temperature, pulse, sleep cycle, heart rates, and much more. It is easily connected to the phone through the Oura app. 

5 Health and Wellness Promoters You Must Know 

  1. Bani J 

One of India’s most well-known fitness icons is Bani. Young people today view her as a trend-setter and a role model for many women.

  1. Ranveer Allahabadia 

A celebrity aka beerbiceps known for his podcasts. Recently represented Naturedermaofficial and Brut India in the Cannes film festival. 

  1. Namrata Purohit 

Fitness trainer and entrepreneur besides a sports nutritionist and mindful movement practitioner. Regularly posts about exercises and fitness tips. Trainer for several celebrities. 

  1. Yasmin Karachiwala

Fitness Guru for several celebrities with travelling as her passion. This instructor will bust all your myths related to fitness and diet. So don’t forget to check her profile for regular tips. She is the owner of YasminBodyImages and one of the Best Pilates Instructors. 

  1. Shilpa Shetty Kundra

A multitasker who has dedicated her career to making yoga, a part of your fitness journey. She is the wellness warrior we all require our moms to be like. Shilpa Shetty hails a high following YouTube channel and Instagram page balancing her family and professional life perfectly. 

You can use Sehaye to work with such brands. Sehaye is a platform where you can easily collaborate and communicate. 


We hope this ride through the best campaigns and best hosts for the same has been an exhilarating one. Health and wellness is a growing industry as more and more people are now focussing on living 100 years like the Japanese. So if you have a brand that can bring this change, you are most welcome. 

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