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Influencer Marketing KPIs

5 Essential KPIs For Your Influencer Marketing Campaign

Ever imagine how influencer marketing can remove your biggest business blockades? Well sure it does! The trend of influencer marketing has been there since the 80s when brands would collaborate with celebrities and models of that time for the promotion of their products and services. 

The difference is that today influencer marketing has evolved greatly and it particularly targets assisting brands and making their promotion much more feasible. There are different ways that we can maintain influencer marketing and track its progress. One way is to use KPIs. Dont know how they work?

We are going to shed light on 5 essential KPIs for your influencer marketing campaign through this post! 

1. Track Your Conversions 

The first key performance indicator for your campaign should be your conversions. These are variable factors and due to this reason tracking the conversions is highly beneficial for your brand’s progress. You just need to compare your current conversions with the ones you are able to pull off in the past few months. It will set a direction for you on how you can proceed with improving your conversion rate in the future.

2. Referral Traffic Is Your Power

We can never forget how much referral traffic matters in influencer marketing. You can boost this KPI by allowing your influencers to leave your product and website links in different places. You can even rely on cross-platform traffic where your influencer is directing their audience to your Instagram and Facebook Page from Twitter. In this way, such a KPI will help you with retaining more audience in the future. 

3. Make Your Audience Aware 

Being a brand you cannot stop making your audience aware of your products and services. From time to time, you need to devise ways that boost brand awareness among your target audience. Influencers strictly rely on this KPI for influencer marketing campaigns and through consistent content creation, they make their audience fully aware of your brand. It eventually creates a positive impact on your chances of amplifying your sales. 

4. Every Click Counts

Being a marketer, you cannot forget that every click counts. Be it your website links or ads. Clicks are a good way to analyze your past performance and compare it with your current strategy at the same time. You can follow your CPC which means cost per click for this purpose to enhance your influencer marketing efforts with the least hustle. 

5. Promote User-generated Content 

One of the huge advantage of user-generated content is that it targets the audience completely. Your audience can feel more intrigued to produce the similar content that your brand is promoting with influencer marketing as well. This is a beneficial KPI since you can easily study the audience with the help of user-generated content to improve your performance in the market successfully. From tiktoks to Instagram reels, you can leverage the potential of social media for levergaign this KPI in your future marketing strategy as well. 

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To Recapitulate

Now you know how KPIs hold great importance in influencer marketing. From sustaining your brand in the long run to letting you compare your past performance, these KPIs always make you a better version of yourself which is crucial for your survival in the competition. 

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