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Influencer marketing myths

5 Myths About Working With Influencers

Your business might be in need of influencers and you don’t even know it! The trend of influencer marketing has taken the world by storm over the years. With time, this domain is just rapidly expanding for small to big businesses and there are a lot of myths buzzing around.

Can you believe Facebook alone has more than 3Million active users? Now, how does it help your business at all? Imagine just collaborating with a seasoned influencer can help you garner relationships with new audiences and even empower you to sell your products and services more than ever!!! 

With great things, come myths too. So does influencer marketing! Some businesses just hesitate to collaborate with influencers because they don’t want to tarnish their reputation. Or some do not want to waste their investment in influencer marketing through fraud and whatnot!

 So much to overthink about, no? But we are not going to let you drown in overthinking about such myths since this post debunks 5 myths about working with influencers

Here we are going to burst these 5 interesting myths that might make you laugh! So let’s take a look at these funny myths about influencer marketing together. Remember, it’s just for educational purposes, we don’t roast anyone here! 

  1. Influencer Marketing? Nah, it’s expensive!

Now every second business thinks that influencer marketing eats up a large chunk of their investment. You also might be thinking that if an influencer has a huge follower base maybe in millions, they would charge you more as well. 

Sounds logical, but still a myth! It is because all influencers are always open for negotiations. If you put up a price that they don’t find workable, just work things out and discuss an appropriate budget with them. 

  1. Micro-influencers underdeliver businesses

You might be surprised as we debunk this myth for you. Micro-influencers are more likely to get you positive results as their engagement rates are more reliable than macro-influencers.

 A report says that micro-influencers can even boost engagement rates by up to 4% throughout their sponsored posts and paid collaborations. All you need to do is to create a high-impact influencer marketing strategy with your influencers and the rest is assured. After that, you will never complain about anything. 

  1. Instagram and paid ads? Give me a break!

It is another interesting myth that you must be laughing at right now. Businesses think that the creator’s tools of Instagram don’t work for everyone. If you have been thinking the same, you need to stop. 

Know this, you just need a business account on Instagram. Don’t know how to set up a business Instagram account for yourself? Worry not, its simple! Follow the steps below and you will have one in a few seconds!

  • Open Instagram, Of course, you will, do you even need to know this?
  • After that go to the settings 
  • Switch to the business profile
  • Scroll down there will be a  “branded content” option
  • Turn on the button that says “manually approved tags”
  1. Influencers? They are fake!

Now this remark is so common in influencer marketing. Such myths have been hovering over entrepreneurs’ heads for many years. It’s time to catch and throw out these annoying bees of myths and let yourself settle down with this buster. 

Thinking like this is natural when fake engagement and followers all exist in influencer marketing. However, don’t judge a book by its cover or a myth in your case. 

You only need to verify the influencer’s followers and engagement with a good eye. Investigate how their comments are. Are they too robotic? Are the comments spammy?

 Also, see the followers of influencers. Are there any fake profiles? You can even double-check the profiles for complete satisfaction if you have plenty of time. 

Now don’t just start checking each and every follower. Just grab a few profiles and you will know!

  1. Influencers hate B2B brands!

What did you say? Please stop because you are going to get stunned by this myth-buster. Remember Cisco and their unforgettable “Cisco Champions”. Now let it be clear that Cisco is a famous B2B brand.

 It should give you an idea that influencers do work with B2B companies as well. This collaboration with Cisco was a great success. Your B2B brand can also achieve desired results from influencer marketing only if you collaborate with an appropriate influencer. 

Parting Words

What a delight it was to bust these common myths about influencer marketing. Now, you know that you have been just believing false information and news about influencers. But not after this since you are a geeky influencer marketing person who knows the right path today! 

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