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North East India Influencers

6 Promising Influencers From North East India To Look Out For

North East has been a land of glorious traditions and historical background. But this is not it. North East produces exceptional, all-rounder influencers, making India proud through their content creation. If you are targeting a North East Indian audience, it’s high time you consider collaborating with these six promising influencers. The massive edge of this collaboration will be that you will get a chance to get closer to the North Eastern roots and relate to the public more.

So, let’s start reviewing these fantastic influencers from North East India in this post today!

  1. Neelu Yuleena Thapa

We love her chic fashion sense that makes her stand out from the rest. Neelu has also been featured in renowned magazines in India, where people witnessed North Eastern talent like never before. She is an excellent influencer. She is a self-believer, and we can all see it in her content creation. 

  1. Gloria Tep Rengma 

So Gloria here is beauty with brains. Besides being a psychotherapist, she is a flawless model. Therefore, brands want to make her face of their products and services. Gloria comes from highly celebrated North East, Naga, and Malayali parts. She has also participated in different modeling shows and proved her acumen for influencing through social media later. 

  1. Lee Middleton

Lee is a rising talent from Shillong. He has stunned his collaborators with a unique sense of modeling and influencing. Besides, he takes a great interest in transforming people’s personalities through makeup. He has been exceptional at his thing, and we can see it on his Instagram profile. He is also an excellent inspiration for Shillong’s budding male influencers and models to achieve their dreams with determination and hard work. 

  1. Asenla Jamir

Our Asenla has been outstanding with her academics at NIFT, where she polished her skills to tap into the fashion and modeling industry. She also loves to observe art and follow its details to derive meaning from it. Besides this, she keeps up with the trends and uses her skills to make a decent amount of money. She is freelance styling for Blanc Muse. Besides, she does not kill time after work but brushes up her graphic design skills.

  1. Aien Jamir

Aien loves to surround herself with what she likes. From blogging to content creation, she needs help to handle it. Also, she comes with solid business acumen since she owns the AJ store. Her roots are in Nagaland, a vibrant North Eastern region. Even Vogue and Cosmopolitan have featured her due to her quirky sense of style. Giant brands, including Nike, H&M, and Adidas, prioritize their talent through influencer marketing. 

  1. Juhili Deb Barma

Juhili is a classic example of style and determination. Her attributes are also reflected in her blog, “Juhili’s Look Book.” Her collection has tons of ideas about fashion and routine styling. There is a consistency in her way of styling, which is pretty evident from her Instagram profile and lookbook. She also knows how to crack the code for modeling for giants like Cosmopolitan and Lifestyle. 

The Final Shot 

North Eastern influencers have been underrated for many years unless awareness and the need to rely on influencer marketing kicked in. Today, North East India is getting the recognition it deserves through these influencers. The world is getting closer to the North East and acknowledging its gems through influencer marketing. 

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