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6 Best LinkedIn Marketing Tools To Improve Your Business Growth 

LinkedIn is a gold mine for project investors. It is one of the leading platforms to gain leads for your business. Brands have seen a 33% increase in revenue through LinkedIn ads solely. 

LinkedIn marketing techniques if properly handled have helped in advancing customer relationships. LinkedIn reports a 50 percent rise in engagements per year with companies that have also dedicated marketing strategies in LinkedIn ads. 

That’s the most luring part that LinkedIn has got to put forth to its users. There can be several routes of hype but sorting them out is not a cakewalk. It’s when the promotion tools cut brief the dilemmas. You might be a little perplexed as to what to prefer and why to prefer but here is an index of the 6 plausible ones that can streamline your expedition on LinkedIn. You can also read 5 benefits of a LinkedIn marketing strategy for your business to understand how LinkedIn marketing is crucial. 

Let’s begin with it!

1. Dux-Soup

Some influential ways vavodigital can play a significant role in your brand growth. 

  • Manage prospects who are interested in your service differently without getting lost in unimportant ones. 
  • Automatic tagging system of prospects so that you can connect with them automatically. 
  • Focussed lead management. Generates and saves LinkedIn profiles of target leads so that you continue your work smoothly. 
  • Fantastic workflow 
  • Easy endorsement of connections through automatic messaging and outreach. 
  • Integrates quick action apps like Sehaye, which magnifies the dimensions of influencer marketing. It shortens the gap between the user and the brand in daily life. 

2. Social Pilot 

SocialPilot consists of all the major LinkedIn marketing tools that a business will require for advertising. One of the handiest features that Socialpilot provides is to convert LinkedIn analytics results into a pdf file. These kinds of files make it easier to understand and circulate between different delegates without requiring a sign-up. 

Other Exciting Features: 

  • Mastermind AI creates customized posts for each business. 
  •  Management of your social media presence with the help of a social calendar. 
  • Bulk scheduling and Bulk posting are possible with up to 500 posts at one go. 

3. Crystal 

  • Personality means individual likes and dislikes that help you understand the person. What if your brand can analyze millions of profiles on LinkedIn and then target your service to your targeted audience? The hard work will be cut short. 
  • This is what Crystal does as a LinkedIn marketing tool. It is identified as one of the best personality assessment platforms. So you can rely on the data. 
  • Crystal can also be useful if you are curious to know your brand’s personality strengths. This will help you in improvising in future deals. 
  • The pricing is not cheap but it will be a good deal if your business runs on personality traits of human behavior.

4. LinkedIn Sales Navigator 

  • Get a lead recommendation. Browsing LinkedIn for leads becomes easier. 
  • Automatic generating of sales insights for comparison. 
  • The interface is user-friendly with wide scope to learn and implement fresh strategies each day. 
  • As per the users’ experience, you might face a little hardship in the beginning while learning to integrate. But consecutively you can master the art of communicating with new and old leads. 

5. Outro

  • Best platform to find the best audience for your brand. 
  • Saves time from searching millions of profiles. 
  • Create reports and export contact details in one click. 
  • The CRM integration is impeccable with powerful algorithm. 

6. SalesLoft Prospector

  • SalesLoft is a favorite tool for both freshers and experienced runners. It also hosts several domain apps that aid businesses in integrating their social media on different scaffolds. 
  • Personalized data-driven results are the backbone of Salesloft. 
  • It maintains a 360-degree workflow balance between the worker and the employee. From making calls to clients to automating the outreach effort, Salesloft does it all. 
  • User-friendly with no hassles. 
  • Easy single pane results and process. 
  • There might be running issues like a breakdown of the application in the extension app but SalesLoft has been working to resolve them all quickly. 


With the increasing demands in the marketing industry, there is also an increase in tools. So it might be difficult for a corporate sector to not have a separate section for marketing strategies. Especially when LinkedIn plays a grand role in attracting engagements from the earning class of society. 

We would never suggest you buy and invest in more than one robust source. A single store should be able to meet your business requirements. Vavodigital is the only solution to your marketing problems. 

You can share your queries related to business marketing at anytime. We will be available for your service 24/7. 

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