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Male skincare influencers in India

Top 7 Male Skincare Influencers In India

Skin issues are dominant in both men and women. About 60% of men have sensitive skin that is prone to several problems. Hard to believe that right? In India alone, there are thousands of men who are not aware of having a proper skincare regime for themselves. So that they can protect their skin from future hazards. 

Today, there are many male skincare influencers that you can follow. They have tapped into the skincare domain and are disclosing its secrets on their own besides female experts. They are unapologetic and break the norms of society through their influential career.

We have reviewed some of the top male skincare influencers in India right on this post for you!

1. Rehan (44.5k followers)

If you want to have a healthy body, then start taking care of your skin! Meet Rehan who has this amazing brand with his co-founder Raisa called ‘Let that serum skin’. They are following this mantra and persuade you to do the same. 

They are proactive on Instagram where they share reviews about different skincare products and respond to your queries! The reviews and recommendations are independent of gender. So if you are a guy having skin problems, go follow their brand right now! 

2. Yashwanth Singh (44.1k followers)

Here we have another male skincare guru, Yashwanth who is always emphasizing wearing sunscreen while going out. His motive is to normalize the sense that skin care is essential to protect your skin from problems and keep it healthy in the long run. 

Since 60% of men have sensitive skin prone to damage, Yashwanth is an advocate of wearing SPF and promotes his motive among men too. 

3. Neeth (3.6K followers)

Neeth believes that sharing his skincare regime will shatter the stereotype and will inspire so many men to start taking care of their skin. Well, it’s absolutely true and we see it happening! He is happy to persistently develop skincare-oriented content for men. His product reviews are extensive and honest! 

4. Babil khan (356k followers)

Babil is a self-made skincare influencer who refuses the narrative of ‘skincare and beauty belong to females only’. Instead, he is an inspiring public figure who pays heed to this critical issue through his posting cadence. Just for your knowledge, he is the son of the legendary actor of Bollywood Irfan Khan (late).

5. San Karla (124k followers)

San Karla does fashion and skincare better than no one! He confronts the norms and stereotypes about both domains openly and fearlessly. He is on a mission to promote male skincare and fashion through his continuous efforts. His content is in his native language, Hindi so that his followers can connect better with him. 

6. Trishang Shetty (3.7k followers)

Trishang is over reel-lover skincare influencer on Instagram. His content has helped hundreds of men with skincare problems. His reels are educative and deliver the importance of skincare for men. It’s time for you to say NO to skincare issues and start to know about Trishang Shetty! 

7. Shakti Singh Yadav (106k followers)

Shakti is also on our list because he is into Korean makeup and also endorses male skincare on all counts. He loves to leverage skincare and makeup in his daily routine to reduce the boatload of stress. He firmly believes that ‘self-love’ is equally important for men and women. 

Summing It Up

These influencers have been successful at their job of educating men of the country in terms of keeping their skin healthy. Also, these influencers have become a bridge for the skincare and makeup brands to interact with the audience through influencer marketing. Their followers love what they do and these influencers are unstoppable with their product reviews and daily skincare content!

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