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LinkedIn Video Marketing

5 solid tips for a successful video marketing campaign on LinkedIn


As Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook were already running their video campaigns, LinkedIn has also jumped into the race to become the best platform for strategic video marketing campaigns

. From putting up business proposals to hiring clients, LinkedIn has come a long way. 

This is all because eminent brands and small business startups used the opportunity to connect to potential freelancers and interns willing to work with them. Now in 2023, the scenario is bigger brands like Philips, GE, and Audi Canada have tested video marketing strategies for promotions. The results were promising with 3x times more engagement on video ads than static sponsored content. 

A study conducted by Wyzowl revealed that an overwhelming brand population of 91% believed in video marketing as a wholesome tool to capture a major audience. With this in mind, in 2023, nearly 70% of non-video marketers are looking forward to taking a dig at this marketing scheme. 

Researchers from the Aberdeen group also show that the revenue generated through video ad campaigns is 49 per cent higher than those brands that don’t use it. 

Not only this, the LinkedInvideo ad insights feature is tremendously sensitive. It has to have richer analytics than any other application. If you want to know where you stand or where to start, visit the LinkedIn video analytics page right here. 

Why Consider LinkedIn video marketing campaigns seriously? 

LinkedIn took a major step in making way for B2B marketing by introducing the feature of native video ads. These are like video ads solely dedicated to the promotion of a particular brand’s products and services. Additional features include that like any static post in your newsfeed, these video ads start automatically due to their play-in-feed coding. 

It means the user doesn’t have to wait for a video to play after they click on it. The process and engagement become smoother. So brands and their video experts buckle up to make the best video content online. 

Earlier the idea was limited to pre-roll and post-roll ads on a featured video.

According to LinkedIn, Why should you as a brand promoter be concerned about this new feature on LinkedIn? 

LinekdIn jots down several valid reasons why brands should take this native video ad feature seriously. Let’s understand why!

  1. LinkedIn observed a rise in engagement rate among registered users due to video ads. There is 3x more watching time online. 
  1. The hike in website engagement rates was more than 5 times. Users liked to reach out to the brand after seeing their video ads. 

 Statistics on Linkedin video consumption

Summarising this, LinkedIn video ads can help you grow as a brand organically, reach a better audience, explore new interested groups, build brand awareness, and drive potential leads. Promising ads and relevant information about your company’s mission and vision, prospective plans, and schemes are the few things you can display schematically through video ads. 

Here are a few solid working tips to start driving successful LinkedIn video marketing campaign. We recommend you not miss this part as this is the main treasure. 

1. The first Impression is the Last 

People spend a lot of time scrolling through social media. Therefore nowadays it is primarily necessary to stand out from the crowd. Your video ad introduction should be captivating. The first 10 seconds can be a game-changer. It’s because after 10 seconds the viewer skips to the next ad. 

Start with catchy lines, real-life incidents, or sponsor influencers who are famous among your target audience. The influencers have greater reach and their followers usually like to use the products or services recommended by them. So this is one of the most rampant ways of video advertising. 

Don’t beat around the bush while you start. Make your forefront message clear and loud. The viewer should be able to relate to whether the service is needed by him/her or not. 

You can also add pie charts, animations, and easy-to-understand subtitles to make it more relatable. Visuals are more important in a video ad. 

There’s no gain in accumulating non-organic viewers by the use of illegal ways like buying likes, views, and followers. Some brands do this to gain quick following numbers on their websites. But that doesn’t go a long way. The real customers and conversions only matter. 

2. Make Sure to add Captions and Silent Viewing Feasibility

There has been an observation that most people find it easy to view videos with subtitlesrather than listen to the voices. The population counts for more than 85%. It’s a huge number so make it easy for these viewers by preparing videos with correct subtitles. 

Your hired actors in the ad should be able to match the subtitle’s emotions correctly through their facial expressions and body language. Videos without dialogues are one of the popular ways of advertising. 

Descriptive imagery and illustrative animations seem more catchy and grab the attention of everyone. 

For instance, If your business is related to music, make sure you give some trending hymns for your audience to groove to. Hire good innovative singers and rappers with good vocals and connections. Authenticity is the key idea everywhere. If your brand brings up fresh talent, it is going to be a win-win situation for all. 

Don’t brag about your product and make it as relatable as possible. Don’t forget to check out the closed captioning feature on LinkedIn. It makes submitting subtitles easier.

3. Don’t Stretch Unnecessarily 

There are no fixed guidelines on what is the ideal length of video campaigns. There are provisions for both 15 seconds and 30 seconds. A short and sweet message that directly hits the target mind is the only requirement. This is where your creative team comes into action. 

From choosing the right fonts to deciding what to mention and how to present them, the right creative agency can do it all. Your administration may not be well-fledged with the industry trending reels, songs, memes, and news. A dedicated creative team is the better option to invest in. 

Social media engagement and preciseness work simultaneously. It should not be confused with spamming. 

Studies show the most creative videos are less than 15 seconds. They put a great impact on the viewer and urge them to not ignore them. LinkedIn also recommends the same when it comes to effective periods of video ads. Viewers are mostly impatient when busy. 

Make an effort to create content that appeals to and meets the demands of your target audience if you want your video content marketing to be effective. Read 7 Steps to Building a LinkedIn Content Strategy That Works

4. Close with a captivating call to action. 

A compelling call to action is one of the most critical items that you cannot afford to miss out on. Even after your video campaign is the most captivating and grabs the attention of your viewer till last, if there is no call to action, it’s all in vain. 

Never forget to add a link to your company landing page in the descriptions. Better if free demos, first-order discount coupons, and free trials, are also included in the description. It lands a good impression on the user and brings clarity of action. 

The call to action should be simple and direct to the products/services page. You can add company social media account links or if they are connected to some noble cause where the viewer can be a part. In this way, the user feels connected to the brand. 

5. Match the Industry Standards 

With everything said and done, it’s all useless, if you do not meet the industry standards for your video ad. Everyone is now into video making be it for advertisement or just for fun. You will see people moving around with cameras and smartphones. 

For the best quality videos, it is inevitably important to invest in good quality cameras, actors, video lighting, microphone, tripod stands, and lastly an editor. Editors help to compile a long one-hour video into a smooth 15-sec advertisement. 

The good news is nowadays smartphones are also so advanced that one can shoot an entire shot of film on them. You can buy anyone for a long-lasting video ad-making process. 

LinkedIn says you should not be going haywire while making a video ad. Be crisp, short, and sweet. Your objectives should be depicted in the ad. 

Final Thoughts

We hope this blog would have made many things clear in the minds of those non-video marketers and even failed video marketers on how to handle this new video campaign feature on LinkedIn. 

Lastly, video marketing is so immensely popular among all groups of age that one can hardly ignore its importance. Social media platforms like LinkedIn and Instagram have tried to make it possible for sponsoring content for brands through video ads. They have been integrating free tools and free collaboration features to all without costing any extra. To start with the process, just visit the LinkedIn video ads page here. We suggest you should not be ignoring this new hack anyway. 

Want to understand more details on video marketing or thinking of hiring a dedicated team? Vavo Digital can help you with the strategies on how to create an effective video. If you are looking to run marketing campaigns on LinkedIn then connect us. You can also send us an email at We are available 24/7 to help you out with LinkedIn marketing campaigns. 

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