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Macro LinkedIn Entrepreneurs

Top 10 Indian Macro LinkedIn Entrepreneurs Ready To Inspire You 

It’s not a surprise that today LinkedIn entrepreneurs are supercharged on the platform. They have been able to serve people with their exceptional entrepreneurial skills. We are able to witness outstanding products and services which have revolutionized the industry at its roots.

We are here to inspire you with our top picks of macro LinkedIn entrepreneurs in this post. Come and see how this amazing entrepreneurial talent has turned the tables for stakeholders and clientele on the whole!

  1. Sneha Biswas

She is a robust female entrepreneur inspiration from Kharagpur. An associate of IIT Mumbai and a graduate of Harvard, Sneha has stunned us with her “Early Steps Academy” which focuses on the education of the children and has empowered thousands of them so far. 

  1. Ajay Yadav

Ajay co-founded “Simplified”. As the name shows, the purpose of this firm is to make graphic designing simple and effortless for users. It has become an invincible competent of giants like Canva due to its amazing features. Ajay has also been appreciated by Forbes which is another great achievement that we cannot resist. 

  1. Pavan Sathiraju

Pavan is the co-founder of “Blue Chapter” which is India’s biggest platform for career upskilling and upgrading professionals and students to overcome the challenges of their career paths as well. 

  1. Shivanshi Verma

We have Shivanshi who co-founded “Health Trick” which is one of the few effective and smart platforms for users who are afraid to lose weight. The platform has also been successful in providing the best results to such people and empowering them to opt for a healthy lifestyle at the same time. 

  1.  Harish Uthayakumar 

We have another firm called “Blue Learn” which is led by our Harish. It is a Gen-Z-oriented community platform that not only upskills them but they come together to educate themselves regarding different tools. They form social networks and explore professional opportunities right on one platform. 

  1. Ragini Das

The next top talent to discuss is Ragini Das who co-founded “Leap Club”. It is a full-range social platform for women and invites inspiration from different walks of life. The members of Leap Club are able to expand their networks and dive into game-changing opportunities through this platform. 

  1. Aditya Arora

The CEO of “Faad Network Pvt. Ltd.”, Aditya Aurora has followed his passion to become an “Angel Investor”. His venture empowers budding businesses on a financial basis and helps them stand on their feet with a strong stance in the industry. Over the years, Faad Network has invested in hundreds of startups and supported budding entrepreneurs to bring more sustainability to the industry. 

  1. Shivangi Narula 

Another great entrepreneurial marvel is “Skilldify” which is a huge technical platform where members can easily enhance their hard skills to outshine their careers successfully. Skilldify is driven by its CEO Shivangi Narula who is a self-made entrepreneur. She has been able to gather around a gigantic workforce that handles Skilldify on a large scale. 

  1. Shruti Chaturvedi 

We cannot be proud enough of Shruti for her “India Action Project”. The prime purpose of this project is to uplift the Indian rural areas and make them a hub of lucrative employment opportunities. It also strives to bring civic reforms to the society which can play a revolutionary part in the countrywide sustenance on all grounds. 

  1. Arjun Vaidya 

Arjun knows the art of juggling multiple balls quite impressively. He owns “Dr. Vaidya” which is a contemporary Ayurveda company that is a great treat for your spiritual well-being and physical health. Next, he co-founded “V3 Ventures” which is an investment firm and has provided financial support to Indian startups like KuKuFM, Go Zero,, and many others. He has been an honor for the Forbes 30U30 as well. 

In Closing

Here are our top macro LinkedIn entrepreneurs who are second to none in the industry. Through their consistent efforts and unmatchable entrepreneurial skills, we cannot deny that the sky is the limit for them. India is proudly relying on these entrepreneurs who are marching forward to a better, sustained, and progressive India. 

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