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Influencer Brief

5 Ways To Create A Winning Influencer Brief And Contract

No brand wants to see its influencer campaigns going to waste due to negligence and confusion. It is because this is common and many brands have faced this problem during their campaigns.

 An influencer brief is crucial to hand over to your creators and influencers so that your campaigns can be mishap-free. Have no idea about the influencer brief template? Worry not because this post is going to discuss this in detail for you. So let’s jump right in without any ado! 

What do we refer to as Influencer Brief? 

Just the way a brief works, the purpose of an influencer brief is to provide your influencers with all the guidelines and campaign details. This crucial information helps influencers and creators deeply understand the expectations of a brand. It also makes deriving results easier for influencers which eventually creates a good impact on the brand itself. 

When Brands Should Use Influencer Briefs?

The general approach for most brands is to share it on the second or third email once everything is settled with the influencer. In this way, they are able to understand and adhere to the brief right from the beginning which helps in conducting the campaigns as per the brand’s expectations. 

What Makes Up A Flawless Influencer Brief?

Influencer briefs dont take much time if created strategically. The best way to construct an influencer brief is through the following pointers: 

  • Mention your campaign goals and expectations 
  • Mention the campaign’s key elements and focus areas 
  • Mention your brand’s voice and message to convey

Make Your Influencer Briefs A Bit More Professional!

1. Give An Overview Of Company

The main thing on top of your brief should be your company and the products and services that it offers. A proper and concise intro is important to mention in the brief. It will help your influencer better understand your company through the brief which is healthy for your collaboration as well. 

2.  Outline Campaign Goals 

It will be a good move to provide your influencer with a good summary of your campaign. The more details the better. It is important because the influencers will be able to adhere to these details and strategize their performance according to the campaign goals successfully. 

3. Arrange A Contract 

Another important part of an influencer brief is negotiating a contract through it. You can include your company policies, terms and conditions, and important guidelines in this contract. Due to this reason, the influencers dont have to struggle to understand your contract later which can compromise the campaign. 

4. Include Interactive Add-Ons

This will give an edge to your influencer brief. Add-ons in this case are campaign inspirations, competitive analysis, mood boards, and messaging points. In this way, you will not only be able to keep in touch with your influencer but they also will get a chance to work at a deep level for your campaign. 

5. Track Campaign Progress

It will be important that you aim to track campaign progress and performance and mention it in the brief. For brands and their influencers, it is important that they rely on a campaign tracking approach which will ease things for them on all counts. Tools like Pixel and Google Analytics are beneficial in this regard. 

Is It Time To Consider Influencer Briefs For Your Brand?

It’s better late than never! You are well-read about the role of influencer briefs for your future campaigns. The best part is that compiling an influencer brief is going to be much easier for you after going through this post. These briefs are adaptable which means you can tweak them as per your campaigns and their goals.

The Final Shot 

Being an influencer marketing services provider, Vavo Digital is well aware of the influencer briefs and their importance for both brands and influencers. Therefore, to make your campaigns more impactful through professional influencer briefs, we invite you to book a meeting with us through today

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