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tips on making youtube video go viral

How To Make A YouTube Video Go Viral (With 5 Easy Tips)

If you don’t understand the rules of the internet, it might be difficult to get around. Even though many digital content creators put a lot of effort into every piece they produce, only a select few can achieve the levels of virality and excitement that most of us yearn for. Who wouldn’t want their song to be the next Despacito or Gangnam Style? 

But making a video go viral isn’t a cakewalk!

You may spend weeks or months creating the ideal YouTube video, just to release it to the public and see it fail. This does not need to be the case! While there is an element of luck involved in a video going viral, there are things you can do before you hit upload to increase the likelihood of success. Here are a few tips to help your upcoming videos go viral!!

5 Easy Tips On How To Make Video Go Viral

There is no scientific method for making a viral video, however, there are some important aspects (other than luck) to consider:

1. Get to know your audience 

You must first identify your target market to start creating viral videos. When creating a video clip, consider how you may target it at particular demographics. Keep in mind that every group of people has different demands and interests! Make sure your video is easily accessible via social media if you’re trying to connect with millennials. Make sure your video does not discuss any types of inappropriate adult issues if you want children to watch it. 

By using these YouTube tools and trends you can start identifying your audience right away. This will monitor and investigate YouTube-specific trends and opportunities, gather ideas and suggestions, identify viral material, and give you knowledge about the origin of your clients, the devices they use, the times of day they view videos, and what your competitors are doing (and also more). When you know who watches your videos and when they do, try to write future blog entries that are tailored to that audience.

2. Pay attention to what your target market has to say

Your target market is whatever– regardless of how viral your video could get, if it’s not what people intend to see, it’s not likely to do you any type of good. It is essential to recognize your target market as well as focus on what they are saying concerning you or your organization. If your customers don’t like a certain video, try a different method next time. 

You must pay attention to what your audience has to say if you want your videos to become popular. Nobody can predict what will succeed, but if you are speaking and listening to a target audience that is exhibiting interest in your network, you can utilize this idea to acquire a sense of their preferences and also adhere to them.

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3. Provide authentic content

Being authentic and real is crucial when producing a short video. Don’t try to pretend to feel something you don’t, especially if you know it’s not true (such as despair). When you think something is humorous, try not to laugh. And avoid adding adjectives like amazing, funny, or cool; instead, just let your video do all of those things naturally.

You may also make sure that your videos are professionally produced and have exceptional clarity and conciseness. People will immediately switch to another channel if they can’t understand what you’re saying in a video or are off-put by bad quality. 

4. Keep your content brief and succinct (2-8 minutes is a good choice) 

Given that you have no control over whether a video becomes popular, it is best to keep it simple and brief to prevent spectators from getting bored. 

The likelihood that your video will go viral increases with its length. People are busy, thus they do not have time to watch lengthy video clips, which is why. They don’t have time to read lengthy posts, either! You have a significantly better chance of going viral if you can pique visitors’ curiosity within a short period.

5. Incorporate value into your video

Don’t think at first that you have to create a viral video with famous names or a compelling plot. Making a video about your leisure activities and demonstrating your excitement will help you achieve this. People will share and watch your short videos if you just show them what you enjoy doing. 

Adding value to each video and continuing to release them are two of the most important things. The more videos you post, the simpler it is for new viewers to find and subscribe to your channel.

Urban Company X Vavo Digital

Going by the trends, we can see how audiences are not interested in just plain advertising. 

Seeing the video marketing trend, we leveraged the power of video marketing via influencers for our Urban Company festive campaign. 

Our main objective for the campaign was to promote the Urban Company at-home salon services during the wedding season for which we deployed beauty YouTubers to give the campaign a personalized approach to target the right audience which eventually gave us amazing results. The timeline of the campaign was 4 days.

Our YouTube video campaign was successful due to a combination of factors. Firstly, we achieved a low cost per view (CPV) of 0.01. This indicates that our advertising spend was highly efficient in reaching our target audience. Additionally, we collaborated with a macro influencer who had over 800K subscribers, which helped to expand our reach and credibility. The timing of the campaign, during wedding season, also proved to be advantageous as it allowed us to target a relevant and engaged audience.

Furthermore, our campaign was well-planned, with a one-week timeline for shooting and preparation, which helped to ensure a polished final product. The video itself was also highly effective, as it was realistic and relatable in the Hindi language, making it easy for local people to connect with the content. The smooth transitions and genuine reactions in the video also contributed to its overall appeal. Finally, we also made sure to deliver a short video, including all necessary information, which eliminated the need for a long and potentially disengaging YouTube video.

Wrapping Up

Viral content can increase the visibility of your brand and help you grow your following. The main goal is to generate ideas and create something original. Luck and timing also play a role in virality, so don’t give up if your first few videos don’t perform well. Continue to experiment and stick with it for a while. And here’s a crazy idea: don’t be so focused on creating viral video content on your own. Maintain a balanced approach and try to prioritize quality and value. You’ll never go wrong this way.

Being one of the top influencer marketing agencies, Vavo Digital has carefully examined a variety of influencer marketing platforms and can assist you in enhancing your influencer marketing ROI and in leveraging video marketing. If you want to dive into influencer marketing, reach us at, and we’ll get back to you soon.

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