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National Creators Awards

Govt To Give ‘National Creators Award’ To Influencers, Innovators: Know More 

The Ministry of India has recently announced the giving of the ‘National Creators Award’ to modern-age influencers and creators. This award aims to highlight the unique talent and diverse voices of influencers that are transforming the growth of India. 

Digital influencers are changing the cultural narrative, bringing positive change in society, and encouraging creativity and innovation in the digital world. These influencers celebrate the digital economy of India. 

The ‘National Creators Award’ features 20 categories. Each category is chosen to honor the abilities and work that influencers put in to change society with their great influence and recognition. Their positive influence on the audience has brought a big change in the society of India, therefore, making them deserving for the categories.

Govt’s Takes On Giving “National Creators Award”

The ministry in one of its statements said, “PM Narendra Modi consistently values the impact of influencers and their transformative power in the economy. To support this idea, MyGov India has decided to give the National Creators Award to celebrate the power of digital content creators and influencers for their great contribution to the digital industry of India.”

“The National Creators Award desires to recognize, inspire, and value the transformative power of social media in creating a more participatory, empowered, and inclusive society,” the ministry said.

Categories of National Creators Awards

The ‘National Creators Award features 20 outstanding categories of influencers and content creators to celebrate their achievements in the digital world. 

These 20 categories ensure that a wide range of influencers from different niches can get the appreciation and recognition they deserve after putting such an influence over millions of people.

The categories include:

  1. Best Storyteller Award
  2. Disruptor of the Year
  3. Celebrity Influencer Of The Year
  4. Green Champion Award
  5. Best Creator For Social Change
  6. Most Impactful Agri Creator
  7. Cultural Ambassador Of The Year
  8. International Creator Award
  9. Best Travel Creator Award
  10. New India Champion Award
  11. Swachhta Ambassador Award
  12. Heritage Fashion Icon Award
  13. Best Creator In the Food Category
  14. Tech Creator Award
  15. Most Creative Creators (Both Female And Male)
  16. Best Health And Fitness Creator
  17. Best Creator In the Gaming Category
  18. Best Creator In Education Category
  19. Best Micro Creator
  20. Best Nano Creator

Selection Process

The ‘National Creators Award’ has a transparent selection process. This includes a strong evaluation phase including nomination, nomination screening, public votes, and a review from respected jury members.  

The whole process is transparent in choosing only servant winners throughout all nominated categories.

Eligibility Criteria

Influencers need to understand the following criteria before applying for the nominated categories.

  • Influencers must be 18 years old or above.
  • 19 out of 20 categories are specified for Indian influencers while only one is valid and open for international digital influencers. 
  • Influencers must have content on 1 or more digital social platforms like Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, or LinkedIn.
  • Content can either be in any Indian language or English.

Nomination Process

The nomination process for the ‘National Creators Awards’ has begun. You can nominate yourself or your favorite digital influencer through the ‘National Creator Awards’ site till 29th February. Here are some details to understand before nominating:

  • Self-nomination: Influencers can nominate themselves by providing the links of their eligible content on social media with a brief content description. They can also add extra supporting reasons for their nomination.
  • Nomination Limits: Influencers can nominate themselves for up to 3 categories, whereas, they can nominate others for up to 20 categories.
  • Follower Count Evaluation: The followers and subscribers count will be counted after 9th February 2024.

The content will be reviewed and evaluated by a designated jury. A winner will be selected for all categories based on public voting and the decision of the jury.

Final Thoughts

The ‘National Creators Award’ is a great initiative by the Government of India. The encouragement and appreciation from the audience and higher-ups of India will encourage the influencers to work more inclusively for the development and betterment of India’s digital world.

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