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South Indian Influencers

Most Popular South Indian Social Media Influencers

With the rising trend of social media, influencers have become a sort of celebrity too. These influencers are transforming the digital world, societal norms, and cultural values with their extraordinary content. 

There are thousands of social media influencers, particularly in India with millions of fan followers. They have a great influence on their followers. 

Various South Indian influencers have gained much attention over recent years. Let’s see the most popular South Indian social media influencers. 

10 Most Popular South Indian Social Media Influencers

  1. Priya Prakash Varrier

Priya Prakash is another popular South Indian digital influencer. She is also an actor but that’s not where she gained such a fan following. She became famous after her wink video went viral. Now she has 7M followers on Instagram.

2. Deepthi Sunaina

    Deepthi Sunaina has a 4.2M fan following on social media. This Hyderabadi girl is famous among her fans due to her dub smash, song covers, and content.

    3. Ashwin Kumar

    Ashwin Kumar is not just a most loved South Indian influencer but an actor. He has more than 3.6 M followers on social media. His fans love him due to his creative music videos and short films.

    4. Ahaana Krishna

    Ahaana Krishna is a great actor with an inspiring influence. She has 2.8M + Instagram followers and 980k + subscribers on YouTube. She successfully inspires people with her creative and unique fashion, beauty, and travel diaries. 

    5. Deepika Pill

    Deepika is a trendy actor and influencer. She is not only a star of Vijayawada but the whole of India. She has 2 M+ + followers on Instagram. Deepika also hosted the famous Dhee 13, a Telugu dance show. She has a strong relationship with her fans and is famous for her daily YouTube vlogs.

    6. Pearle Manney

    Pearle is one of the most famous YouTubers and social media influencers from Kerala. He has a 3.7 M+ fan following on Instagram and 2.6 M+ on YouTube. She is also an amazing actor and TV host. Fans love to watch her casual content with her husband and daughter Nila.

    7. Alekhya Harika

    Alkehya Harika has a huge fan following on YouTube and Instagram. She got recognition for her outstanding comic cultural skit of Telangana. Her culturally relatable content resonates with a broad audience in India. Alekhya Harika has a great humorous nature which brought her 1.5 M+ social media followers.

    8. Niharika NM

    Niharika belongs to the top social media influencers in South India. She has 2 M+ followers on Instagram with an 8% engagement rate. She is a great content producer and comedian. 

    The exceptional dialogue delivery and humorous nature of Niharika make you laugh so hard. This unique quality of Niharika makes her loved by her fans so much. She also posts on her YouTube channel where she shares inspirational TEDx talks. 

    9. Saloni Srivastava

    Saloni is a business coach on social media. She recently launched HustlePost Academy. It is a one-stop solution for people to learn multiple side hustles. She has 75.3K followers on Instagram with an engagement rate of 5.37%. 

    10. Sadhique Aboobacker

    Sadhique Aboobacker is another popular blogger and influencer in South India. He is considered among the top content creators of Karela. He promotes products in a very unique way. His fashion style is what attracts the most to his viewers. 

    Sadhique has 236.6K+  followers on Instagram and 136.9K+ subscribers on YouTube. Apart from being a blogger, he is also an entrepreneur now. He has a huge following on Instagram, YouTube, and even on LinkedIn. 

    Because of creating well-engaging and unique content, Sadhique is now becoming a great sensation among his audience.

    Final Thoughts

    South India has a variety of amazing social media influencers. Each influencer represents its taste, brings extraordinary content, and resonates with people. The talented influencer tide in South India is increasing every passing day. They greatly influence their fan base and take their part in bringing change in the digital world.

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