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5 Proven Tips To Get Influencers To Promote Your Product

Influencer marketing is an effective strategy to boost brand awareness, sales, and engagement, ultimately promote product leading to better revenue. 

While crafting a truly effective influencer marketing strategy requires careful planning and strategic execution, it’s not as daunting as it may seem.

In this blog, we will look into 5 practical steps that surely help you get your hands on the top influencers who help you promote your brand’s product on bigger levels.

  1. Find an Influencer With a Trusting Audience 

The foremost thing is to identify influencers within your niche and who have a target audience. See their reach, demographic, and type of content, and then decide which influencer suits your brand’s needs.

One of the misconceptions is targeting influencers with large audiences. 

Following does matter but only if they are trustworthy and engage, like, share, and comment on the posts of influencers. Only then your collaboration will reach its destination otherwise it is going to be in vain. Therefore, first, check the engagement rate of the Influencer and then move on to the next part.

  1. Send Personalized Email

Despite contacting influencers directly on social platforms, be professional and send them personalized emails. E-mail is a workspace for influencers and the majority of them feel more comfortable and safe connecting via mail rather than direct messages. 

Write a precise and clear pitch for the influencer, stating the job role, what you want and expect from them what you will offer in return, and why they choose your brand over others. This should be a simple and short email but in a professional tone. Creating an emotional, heartwarming email that not only attracts the influencer but molds their heart to work for you is an art. so,  you’d better do it properly. 

  1. Give A Tempting Offer

The biggest reason you may lose your most wanted collaboration is because your offer is not tempting enough to join. 

Set clear rules of what you can offer to the influencers. What does your brand offer to them that others can’t present? What values do your products forecast? 

The key to getting an influencer to work for you is to offer them tempting paybacks including attractive pay rates, gifts, coupons, discounts, and sometimes emotional support and humanitarian values.

  1. Send Free Gifts 

Producing gifting is a cost-effective strategy, especially for new brands looking for ways to promote them on higher levels. Sending your products in the starting days of business to influencers as a gift builds the reputation of your brand. This also helps you gain their trust and becomes a ticket to creating strong and healthy collaboration. 

However, when you send in your products to influencers for free, without any cost, they substantially give honest reviews which attract more audience and collaborators. Instead of sending your products to random influencers by seeing fan following. 

Ensure your product aligns with its niche, is worthy of its content, and has an audience that can have interest in your products. This is the only way to get collaboration approved by the influencer without any effort.

  1. Make A Legal Contract

Once you and the influencer reach an agreement, it’s best to sign a legal contract with him. The contract between the brand and influencer must precisely contain all the guidelines, rules, job obligations, and expectations of both sides.

For instance, the number of posts he needs to do, preferable content format (story, post, reel, etc), shoutouts, giveaways, brand names, and most importantly the pay rate and limit of the project.

However, it is most likely appropriate to have your lawyer review the contract before signing it for your and your brand’s safety.

Final Thoughts

It is important to be in the shoes of influencers, and how they feel about partnering with your company. Ensure what you want from this marketing campaign and what you can offer. 

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