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The Ultimate Guide To Effective LinkedIn Influencer Campaigns

The Ultimate Guide To Effective LinkedIn Influencer Campaigns

For a long time, LinkedIn was perceived as a recruitment  tool. Today, LinkedIn is a major professional social media platform where experts share their thoughts, grow their network, and most importantly, make key connections & money! As LinkedIn has evolved, a large number of professionals have become influencers. They have large followings, generate genuine engagement, and successfully market their own or partner’s businesses on the site. 

LinkedIn influencer marketing is a strategy that entails partnering with LinkedIn members who have huge followings and relevant knowledge in order to increase your brand’s reach and credibility. 

LinkedIn marketing, like any other channel, does not work for everyone. While some B2C companies discover their audience on the platform, LinkedIn tends to be the most effective for B2B brands. In fact, a remarkable 96% of B2B marketers view LinkedIn as a valuable source of social leads. 

In this guide, we will discuss the numerous benefits of LinkedIn influencer marketing for your business as well as how to effectively plan and execute a successful influencer campaign on the platform. 

The Benefits of LinkedIn Influencer Marketing 

There are numerous ways to market your business on LinkedIn, whether that’s running ads or creating organic content. So why choose influencer marketing? 

That’s a valid question. Let’s examine some of the reasons why your brand should invest in LinkedIn influencer marketing: 

Gain Reach and Engagement That Wouldn’t be Otherwise Possible

As a single brand account, your reach is restricted to only those individuals who are following you. This is where an influencer comes in and provides your brand with a significant advantage. Influencers with millions of engagements are adept at manipulating the LinkedIn algorithm. For brand accounts, especially those with few workers and little influence in their respective industries, this kind of reach is practically unattainable.

Humanise Your Brand 

It is much more impactful when someone else gushes about your brand and your story rather than you doing so yourself. The majority of LinkedIn’s influencers are excellent communicators who understand how to connect with their audience.  While shout-outs in blog posts and newspapers are good, appreciation from trusted influencers in your niche provides your business with a valuable sense of authenticity. 

An Untapped Opportunity that Helps You Stand Out 

Influencer marketing on LinkedIn is a largely untapped opportunity in comparison to saturated platforms like Instagram and Tik Tok. Thus, the moment to get involved with LinkedIn influencer marketing is now when you can reap the greatest benefits and stand out from the competition. 

Prepare for the Influencer Campaign 

Before delving into the execution, it is important to first properly plan and prepare for the campaign, keeping these factors in mind: 

Decide the media, location, and duration of the campaign

A LinkedIn influencer marketing campaign can be set up in a manner similar to other marketing campaigns. There are some additional factors to take into account, such as the medium used, the posting place, the duration, and so forth.

Your choice of media will depend on a variety of factors, including the preferences of your selected influencer and the goals of your campaign. 

When deciding on where to post your content, there are three options to keep in mind: 

  1. On your company’s page
  2. On the influencers’ feed
  3. On LinkedIn groups 

All three options are beneficial for different purposes. By posting on the company’s page, you can increase brand awareness and recognition. If you choose the second option, you can fully take advantage of the audience and level of trust your influencer has established. Excellent engagement can be achieved in LinkedIn groups, but sponsored postings are typically restricted by the group admin.

Have tracking metrics in place 

It’s pointless to invest time and money in a LinkedIn influencer marketing strategy unless you can track what works and what doesn’t. There are many tracking options, depending on the campaign’s desired results (clicks, email signups, or conversions). Simply adding UTM parameters to any links the influencer shares is a straightforward method to track conversions, clicks, and visits from a particular source.

Find The Right Influencers

Knowing your target market and audience is the key to success and identifying the ideal influencer for your brand. Your first goal should be to locate your target market within the influencer’s immediate network. The majority of the time, an influencer’s location will already be able to pinpoint where the bulk of their network is headquartered. 

The next step is to examine how the influencer interacts with their audience and to take a closer look at who is engaging with their posts to determine the personalities that they typically interact with.

Finalising and reaching out to the right influencers can be a difficult and labour-intensive task. That’s why it can be useful to get in touch with an influencer marketing agency like Vavo Digital, we utilise our expertise to find the best influencers for your campaign requirements. 

Have a Discussion With Your Chosen Influencer 

At this stage, have a meeting with your influencer and sketch out the remaining details with their expertise on the platform and the brand’s requirements. This would be a good time to finalise the kind of post they will be doing and how they will incorporate and highlight your brand into it. Some suggestions are thought posts, product recommendations, tips and how-tos, or storytelling posts. 

Strategize how other LinkedIn members can join the conversation. 

Additionally, it is crucial to consider how to promote discussion within each post that influencers will produce. Perhaps you could ask an influencer to begin your campaign with an intriguing statement and invite their followers to comment. When appropriate, you may also think about tagging specific individuals. Not to mention that your team could engage with the post and start the discussion.

Think about the future scope. 

Influencer marketing initiatives can result in the creation of fresh content by accident. On the LinkedIn feed for your business, you have a new post to share. You might also repurpose some excellent recommendations from your LinkedIn company page or website. Examine the comments more closely, since sometimes insightful criticism and even fresh campaign ideas can be found between the lines.

Summing it Up

There is no one size fits all approach to LinkedIn influencer campaigns. This is where Vavo Digital comes in. We have the expertise and experience required to run a seamless LinkedIn influencer campaign for your brand, no matter what your goals or requirements might be. Schedule a consultation with us today! 

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