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Why Does Your Brand Need Nano Influencers?

Should brands really invest in nano influencers? Well, this is like asking a cricket fan why he wants to meet his favorite players! 😀 We guess you know what we are talking about.

While the world used to stay connected offline, the pandemic made social media the only way for people to stay connected with each other. Brands had no better way to reach their audience than influencer marketing. To put it simply, influencer marketing saw an immense demand amidst Covid-19. Marketers realized that they were missing out on a big thing if they ignored influencer marketing.

While many reports suggest you go for mega and celebrity influencers, we have a completely different take on it. As a brand or a marketer, you should put a lot of thought before executing an influencer marketing campaign. Furthermore, you should make an ideal choice while selecting the influencers in your niche.

Agreed, mega and celebrity influencers have been there all over the internet. However, there is a new set of influencers trying to make everyone feel their presence. Wondering which type of influencers we are talking about? None other than Nano influencers!

Before we talk about why your brand needs Nano influencers, let’s first discuss who are Nano influencers?

Nano influencers are content creators having a following between 1K to 10K. And let’s agree, brands need influencers who are not only good at creating promotional content but entertaining & valuable as well. Thus, collaborating with nano influencers could be a great choice.

So, why does your brand need Nano Influencers?

1) Caters to less explored niches

How many times have you found big influencers catering to Mental health, DIY, nutrition, or many more industries like these? Sure, these influencers might frequently talk on these topics. But are they genuinely providing value? The answer is a no most of the time.

On the other hand, you can find nano influencers, not in popular niches like Food & Beverage, Fashion & Lifestyle, Finance, etc., but will even find them in lesser tapped niches. Brands can rely on them without any worry because they carry the required knowledge and expertise with them.

2) Believes in authenticity

Nano influencers tend to build honest conversations. Their audience believes in them, their product reviews, and the content that they create. It’s much more than a collaboration when it’s with these influencers.

Let us put it more simply. You approached them for collaboration but instead returned with a meaningful professional relationship.

Thus, if you are looking forward to improving your brand image and building an emotional connection with your audience, choose the influencers who will perfectly fit your niche. How is this possible?

They converse with their followers daily by replying to their comments, randomly interacting with them, or solving their problems. Thus, there isn’t any doubt that their followers love engaging with them and highly trust them.

3) Affordable

”We can’t do an influencer marketing campaign because our budget is too tight.”

You might have thought about this statement multiple times because mega and celebrity influencers charge a hefty amount. But don’t let the fear of money stop you from capitalizing on influencer marketing campaigns. Instead, think rationally!

Get over the urge of working with mega & celebrity influencers. Nano influencers are affordable. Some might charge only a tiny amount, while others will collaborate in the exchange of gifts and products. For example, a western clothing brand can send goodies like trendy tops & jeans, a skincare brand can send the relevant skincare products, etc.

Looks like you just saved a lot of pennies here! 😀

Furthermore, nano influencers tick off everything on your checklist.

Quality Content – ✓

Engagement – ✓

Relevancy – ✓

Audience Relationship – ✓

If you are still not convinced, we would like to bring it to light that many big brands like MAC Cosmetics, IKEA, Dove, etc., are using the power of nano influencers to their advantage. For example, MAC Cosmetics actively collaborates with these influencers and even reposts their content on their official handle. It’s because their recommendations are genuine & valuable, and can help brands in building a loyal community.

4) Potential customer base

Is there any point in collaborating with influencers without a relevant customer base? Nah!

Nano influencers might have a limited following, but they have an audience who are genuinely interested in a particular niche. Therefore, you can be sure that you are tapping into the right influencer with a guarantee of attracting a potential customer base.

As this community is rising, brands can get more opportunities to collaborate with various nano influencers. Here are the names of some of the budding nano influencers you can collaborate with if they are the right fit for your brand.

  • Aditya Bhalla – Deals in sneakers
  • Sukriti Banthia – Talks about skincare & fashion
  • Smridhi Oberoi – Talks about fashion, lifestyle, and beauty
  • Aarthi Raman – Is a Makeup Artist

These were only a handful of names, but the industry is flooded with the right set of nano influencers! So, connect with the one whose values meet yours.

5) Content Creation

Nano influencers tend to work closely with your brand. Unlike mega and celebrity influencers, they don’t follow the script blindly but share their content ideas with you as well. If you want to create a game-changing content plan, then working with nano influencers can be your best decision.

Nano influencers are highly dedicated to everything they do and can help in growing your brand to a greater extent. 

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