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10 best regional lifestyle influencers to follow on YouTube

10 Best Regional Lifestyle Influencers To Follow On YouTube

New social media stars are emerging from all corners of the world. They’re influencers with a local following, and they’re influencing their viewers to love where they live, one YouTube video at a time. These influencers aren’t just posting pictures of their day-to-day life, they’re making videos that document their unique experiences and perspectives as people living in a specific region. 

We see these kinds of content creators come and go on other platforms like Instagram or Twitter. But on YouTube, regional lifestyle influencers are sticking around and growing fast. 

The Rise Of Regional Influencers In India

The perfect spot that every Indian harbor is what regional influencers help brands target in local languages, which are thought to be more realistic and credible. Influencers with local connections aid the brand in staying grounded, authentic, and raw. They engage their audience by utilizing local cues, whether they be in the form of cuisine, attire, or language. Viewers are more likely to pay attention if a video tells its own story. 

Bringing local influencers on board can be very beneficial! Brands are pursuing well-known local influencers today and paying them to curate content. Due to their local dialect, they instantly connect with their audience. Brands also consider these influencers to be cost-effective because the majority of them don’t charge exorbitant fees. 

One of the most efficient ways to quickly reach a large audience with online video content is to give it a regional flavor. A local influencer on your team can aid in your comprehension of the mindset of your target market. Without a doubt, local influencers have a sizable following of followers with whom they frequently engage.

Take a look at the 10 Best Regional Lifestyle Influencers On YouTube:

  1. Sourav Joshi Vlogs– 16.3M Subscribers

A well-known travel and lifestyle influencer in India is Sourav Joshi. He has gained a lot of fame thanks to his vlog videos. The largest vlogger in India, Sourav, was the first to amass 10 million YouTube subscribers. He covers a wide range of subjects in his movies, many of which viewers can relate to.

He has two YouTube channels: Sourav Joshi Vlogs, where he uploads videos documenting his daily activities, and Sourav Joshi Arts, where he uploads videos showcasing his drawings and outlining the various drawing techniques he uses. With 15.7 million subscribers, Sourav’s vlog channel has seen more than 5.4 billion views.

  1. Gaurav Taneja– 7.65M Subscribers

The channels Flying Beast, FitMuscle TV, and Rasbhari Ke Papa are all managed by Gaurav Taneja. He is a fitness enthusiast and a pilot by profession, and he vlogs his daily activities for the amusement of his followers. His vlogs primarily focus on his family’s activities. His wife, Ritu Rathee, who also appears in The Flying Beast, is a pilot. These are just a few of the fascinating vlogs that Flying Beast’s 7.65 million subscribers can watch. Over 1.7 billion people have watched this popular vlogging channel overall. On his other channels, FitMuscle TV and Rasbhari Ke Papa, he has 2.09 million and 1.28 million subscribers, respectively.

  1. Gaurav Chaudhary– 5.18M Subscribers

One of the most well-known tech vloggers and influencers in India is Gaurav Chaudhary, also known as “Technical Guruji” on YouTube. He vlogs about his daily activities and travels on his channel. Gaurav is one of India’s most well-known YouTubers thanks to the 22.1 million subscribers to his Technical Guruji channel. He started vlogging in 2017 and currently has 5.1 million YouTube subscribers.

  1. Jatt Prabhjot– 2.67M Subscribers

One of the most well-liked YouTubers, Jatt Prabhjot has a deep love for motorcycles. Travel is his main source of inspiration, and he sees it as just as important for locating one’s inner self as it is for doing the same when looking for the outside world.

“India to Nepal” is his most popular video. This Indian travel and lifestyle influencer on YouTube has an astounding 2.67 million subscribers and has amassed over 8 million views.

  1. Nitin Jani– 2.31M Subscribers

Nitin Jani, also known as ‘Khajur Bhai,’ is an actor, film director, writer, and YouTuber. Nitin is known as the Gujarati Comedy King, with 2.31 million subscribers on his YouTube channel and 829k on his vlogging channel Khajur Bhai Vlogs.

His web series “Jigli and Khajur,” “Vandho,” and “Khajur Bhai ni Moj” have received a lot of praise from fans. He is also well-known for his Tik Tok lip-sync videos. His most popular YouTube video has over 20 million views.

  1. Niharika NM– 1.79M Subscribers

Niharika NM, a 24-year-old Indian digital content producer, is well-known for dominating the Instagram community in 2020 with her hilarious and relatable Instagram reels. She’s also known as the “Mistress of Slapstick Comedy.” She is also the only solo creator who has been chosen twice as a global ambassador for the YouTube program  Creators for Change, which uses influencers to raise awareness of and involve their audiences in important social issues.

Niharika is one of Chennai’s leading Instagram influencers, with a mind-blowing 1.59 million subscribers to her YouTube channel.

  1. UR Indian Consumer– 1.24M Subscribers

Through his Ur IndianConsumer YouTube channel, a well-known Indian YouTuber named Prasad Vedpathak whose main goal is to educate people about their legal rights as consumers. He has made a lot of videos on unboxings, reviews, and buying tips for a wide range of products, including electronics and clothing.

This regional l lifestyle influencer publishes tutorials on how to file complaints about defective consumer goods or services. With over 1.24 million subscribers on his main YouTube channel, he had made a name for himself.

  1. Jeevan Kadam Vlogs– 481K Subscribers

One of the best parts about his YouTube channel is that he had the option of creating vlogs in English to reach a larger audience, but he chose to stick with Marathi instead. On his YouTube channel, he has 474k subscribers. Jeevan is currently the top Marathi travel YouTuber and vlogger in the nation thanks to his impressive career achievements. His YouTube channel now offers a variety of videos on topics other than just vlogging, such as how to travel on a budget, comedy, and travel advice.

  1. Bhaskar Dutta– 325K Subscribers

A well-known person named Bhaskar Dutta, who was born in Siva Sagar, Assam, started a YouTube channel in 2018. He also features northeastern residents, travel footage, and details about the area’s tourist attractions in his YouTube movies. He currently has 325k subscribers on his YouTube account.

Purbanchal is currently one of Assam’s most watched YouTube channels.

  1. Riyanka Sarkar– 95.4K Subscribers

Riyanka, who is known for her unique content, is one of Kolkata’s most well-known Instagram users and influencers in fashion and lifestyle. Her approach to the businesses with which she has worked is friendly but professional. She is one of the few influencers who are picky about the companies she works with. She only works with products in which she believes. As a result, if you need a dazzling face to promote a great product, she could be the one! She creates content for the fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and travel industries. She also has a YouTube channel with 95.4k subscribers. There isn’t a dull moment on her profile. Everything is so alive and vibrant!


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